2013 NFL Fantasy Football Rookie Impact

After the season is over, loyal NFL fans look forward to April of each year to see what gifts the NFL draft will bring them. Of course, the NFL will extend that wait until May starting next season. No matter what position your team is drafting, you always expect them to find gems to plug those holes or find the heir to replace the current posts in key positions. For us, we look across the league to see which players have been drafted into teams in a place where they will have an impact on the fantasy football landscape.

Therefore, Maximum Fantasy Sports has gathered their collective heads and ranked the top 5 relevant fantasy football rookies in the core skills positions and their projected draft round in the standard 12-team fantasy football leagues. There was a time when we avoided every rookie quarterback coming into the league. However, the game has changed at the college and professional level in ways that allow talented quarterbacks to get in the center and be productive immediately. It’s amazing to look at the 2012 season quarterback stats and see several rookies near the top. The RGIII selection last year led many teams to the fantasy playoffs. Adding Colin Kaepernick at the end of the season led many teams to fantasy gold. Who from this year’s draft will be the key players on your way to your championship? Below is Maximum Fantasy Sports’ consensus review for the new generation of NFL rookies.


FOR. Geno Smith (New York Jets): Draft tipsters had Geno listed as the first quarterback off the board and many thought he would be selected in the first round. Unfortunately for his ego, wallet and job satisfaction, the Jets drafted him in the second round. Surprisingly, Jets fans weren’t thrilled with the choice. I’m confused as the glute chaser is currently their starting quarterback. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Geno win the job in boot camp. Too bad he has no one to pitch to. At best, it’s a 14th round pick.

B. EJ Manuel (Buffalo): EJ is this year’s double-threat quarterback. It has the wheels and the arm, although not very precise, to be successful. It will start on the bench with Kevin Kolb getting the starting position to start the season. Since Kolb is made out of cupcakes and is not very talented, Manual should land the job in no time. It’s a speculative add-on, at best, with the latest pick in your draft.

vs. Mike glennon (Tampa): Manuel is the QB of the “new NFL” and Glennon is the “Old NFL”. You won’t see this boy run long. He’s 6’7 “and has a cannon per arm. Josh Freeman is the guaranteed starter, but he really missed down the stretch last year. Tampa has a lot of talent on offense, so if Freeman stumbles again, Glennon could take I would have no problem selecting Freeman as my QB2 and backing him with Glennon as my last pick in my deeper leagues.

D. Tyler wilson (Oakland): Well, it’s better than New York, but not much. Wilson joins a team that has been searching for a good quarterback since Rich Gannon took them to the Super Bowl in 2002. Matt Flynn gets the nod as a starter this year. Carson Palmer did some good fantasy numbers last year, but I don’t expect anything good from Wilson, even if he gets the job at some point. Can’t draw.

ME. Matt barkley (Philadelphia): With Michael Vick and Nick Foles leading the way, Barkley probably won’t see the field this year. Sadly for him, had he come out in 2012, he would have been a first-round pick and might have had some success. He’s talented, so you might consider catching him sometime during the season if you’re in a deep Fantasy Football Keeper league.


FOR. Montee Ball (Denver): Ball is in a good situation in Denver; They have a rock solid passing attack so teams can’t load the box to stop the race and the Broncos have a stable of RBs coming off major injuries. The Wisconsin graduate had been playing NFL-like seasons in college (more than 300 carries in each of the past two years). Some people may turn away from it due to workload. I think it has prepared him for a grueling season in the NFL. I would add it as a late third round or early fourth round pick.

B. Le’Veon Bell (Pittsburgh): Bell is a perfect fit for the Steelers. He fits his mold at 6’2 “and 230 pounds. The Steelers were unsuccessful with the various backs they threw on the field last year and would love to have Bell be their workhorse. I thought. Jonathan Dwyer he was that player last year when the Steelers drafted him, but they know they weren’t happy with him when they decided to draft another running back at Bell. He should be the next to leave the board after Ball.

vs. Eddie lacy (Green Bay): Like Bell, Lacy will go to a Super Bowl contending team that needs a running back. Lacy would be at the top of this list if the Packers didn’t pick up Jonathan franklin as well as. I love Franklin and have decided to add him here as 3B. Both are eligible in the draft, with Lacy the fifth-round pick and Franklin the eighth-round pick, but they will split the carries this season.

D. Zac stacy (St. Louis): Who will replace Steven Jackson? The Rams face that dilemma. They have Daryl Richardson and Isaiah Pead, but neither is sure to be The Man. Stacy broke it at Vanderbilt, which is a good place to hide your talent. I would add him in the eleventh round and I hope St. Louis recognizes his talent and gives him the stone.

ME. Stepfan taylor (Arizona): The Cardinals can’t keep a starting running back healthy. The two guys ahead of Taylor; Rashard Mendenhall and Ryan Williams are ACL casualties in recent years, so add Taylor in the last round if you select any of these RBs.


FOR. Tavon austin (St. Louis): Austin is a blazer and he’s going to love St. Louis lawns. He will take the place left open by Danny Amendola’s departure. Sam Bradford will call your number as often as he did Amendola’s. There is talk that he will even drift to the backfield a few times per game. With more than 100 sacks in West Virginia in the past two years, he knows he can handle the workload. I would select him in the sixth round.

B. DeAndre Hopkins (Houston): FINALLY, someone who can play on the other side of the field from Andre Johnson. Matt Schaub, Johnson and Hopkins are delighted with this draft pick. It’s a mainstay of featured reels and catches everything in sight. There is no doubt that the first game begins and does not look back. He would catch it in the seventh round.

vs. Cordarrelle Patterson (Minny): Patterson’s stock dropped with questions about his character, which is hilarious considering he took Randy Moss’s number; your idol! If you stay focused, it’s a great play waiting to happen. Greg Jennings is Minny’s number one receiver, but he’s far from the deep threat that is Patterson. He won’t catch 100 balls this year, but he will have a great YPR and a lot of YAC. He’s a solid ninth-round pick.

D. Aaron Dobson (New England): Out with the old and in with the new. Dobson joins a new corps of receivers in New England. Tom Brady likes to spread the ball and Danny Amendola will take Wes Welker’s place, but Dobson should beat Brady easily. The boy had no drops last year! I’d catch Dobson in the twelfth round

ME. Keenan allen (San Diego): Based on raw talent, Allen would rank much, much higher. His problems are that he comes from a knee injury and has a group of WRs in front of him that he will need to buy time from. However, Vincent Brown is also coming off an injury, Robert Meachem did not show up last year and Malcolm Floyd is an enigma. It’s worth taking a wheel in the last two rounds of your draft.


FOR. Tyler eifert (Cincinnati): Eifert could almost be included in the WR category since he has that makeup. The Bengals are convinced that Jermaine Gresham is their No. 1 TE, but they are confident that Eifert could be that, and more. QB Andy Dalton likes to pitch his TE and adding Eifert makes him smile. Expect Eifert to be the Bengals’ second-leading pass receiver this year. TE is deep in the NFL, but I wouldn’t wait too long to add Eifert. The eighth round seems like the ideal place.

B. Travis kelce (Kansas City): Kelce joins a team that has 2 young TEs with NFL experience in front of him. However, Alex Smith likes his tight ends and Kelce is better than Tony Moeaki and Anthony Fasano. Keep an eye out for boot camp this summer and see if Kelce makes any noise. If so, you can recruit him around round 15.

vs. Zach Ertz (Philadelphia): Chip Kelly takes over Philadelphia and nobody knows what to expect. Brent Celek has been TE’s mainstay for years in Philadelphia, but we’re giving Ertz a good chance to unseat him. He’s big and fast and should be a good fit for Kelly’s offense. With that being said, we’re talking about a rookie coach who can keep his veterans out of the gate, so once again, pay attention to training ground and be ready to catch Ertz near the end of his draft if it seems like he is becoming crazy. a lot of time in the field.

D. Vance McDonald (San Fran): McDonald was recruited to replace DelanieWalker. He’s not a great blocker, but he’s a talented receiver, albeit a raw one. Vernon Davis didn’t click with QB Colin Kaepernick until late last season and there is no guarantee that he will carry over to this season. McDonald is 6’4 “and 262 pounds, so he’s the right size to be successful. It’s unknown how many of Walker’s targets you’ll actually see. I wouldn’t recommend recruiting him, but keep him on your watch list.

ME. Jordan reed (Washington): Florida drafted Reed as a quarterback. They made him a TE and became their top pass catcher last year, though they weren’t impressive numbers. He’s still raw and has Fred Davis and Logan Paulsen in front of him in the Redskins pecking order. He cannot be drafted this season and will only see the field through injury.

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