DIY Murphy Beds: Dare To Make Your Own DIY Folding Bed

Let’s start with a little talk about William Lawrence Murphy, the man behind this modern space-saving solution. Little did he know that Murphy beds would take the world by storm with their innovative idea of ​​saving space while also having a great looking area when folded. He was a man of women and he wanted to impress them when he […]

The 5 best iPhone apps for choosing a restaurant

Long ago, before iPhones existed, if you and your friends wanted to go out to eat, there was a whole ritual involved. They would call each other on their “dumb” phones, have a full conversation about who’s hungry for what, and then call each other with restaurant suggestions. Then everyone would call each other with competitive suggestions based on price, […]

Explanation of social bookmarks

This article will introduce you to social bookmarking, which will be one of the ways that you will really start to increase traffic to your website. You’ll find a lot of introductory information, as well as an in-between discussion, in this article and on my Web 2.0 blog. Social bookmarking is based on the concept of sharing information on the […]

CSR Classics – Fun, Addictive, and (Mostly) Free

NaturalMotion’s CSR Classics (iOS and Android) is a surprisingly addictive drag racing game brought to you by the same folks who made great strides with CSR Racing years before. I tried the original CSR Racing game many moons ago, but never stuck with it, mainly because, I think, collecting and racing the cars offered to the user did not interest […]

Kitchen Marble Countertops – To Use Or Not To Use, That’s The Question

Some of the most beautiful kitchen countertops are created with marble slabs. Classic color combinations and beautiful veins make the stone highly sought after. Traditionally, marble has been used extensively in bathrooms and furniture countertops due to its delicate nature and artistic qualities. Since Greek and Roman times, marble has been known as one of the best options for sculpture […]

Key Concepts in Social Network Analysis 1 – Nodes and Links

A general understanding of the concept of social media has emerged in the past decade, primarily as a result of the popularity of social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. However, both the mobilization of social networks to achieve objectives and the study of the structure and function of these social arrangements have been carried out for much […]