Financial failure in business: how to avoid it

Introduction Business is the foundation of the world economy. Unfortunately, many businesses fail due to financial reasons. In entrepreneurial ventures, the failure rate is extremely high, especially in the early years. This article highlights some of the key factors that need to be addressed to minimize the likelihood of financial failure in business. The discussion takes place under the following […]

bohemian style

I invite you to my rustic farmhouse as I share my free spirited Boho Chic Christmas decor, getting ready for the beautiful holiday season and a house full of friends and family. I love rustic woods and eclectic finds that I mix into the Christmas decor keeping it cheerful, magical, and colorful. The Christmas wreath accentuates the warm patina of […]

Why do we see so little leadership with common sense?: 5 considerations

Whether in public, private corporations and/or organizational positions, of leadership, unfortunately, we often witness too much – too little – of common sense, in their actions, plans and processes, etc. After more than four decades of personal involvement in almost everything related to leadership, from identifying and qualifying, to training, developing and mentoring thousands of actual and/or potential leaders, as […]

firefighter suits

Seeing someone dressed as a firefighter conveys joy and inspiration to other people. It’s funny to know that someone in the group decided to characterize himself as a real life hero. Above all, the little ones who dream of being a firefighter one day will be delighted. The kids, who are so excited to put on their own firefighter uniform, […]