The tantalizing adventure of Sonic Unleashed

Sonic Unleashed is a Sonic the Hedgehog game to play in single player mode. The story begins with Dr. Robotnik trapped around a fleet of spaceships. While Sonic was turning into Super Sonic to stop his evil plan, Dr. Robotnik uses a new beam weapon to turn the Chaos Emeralds black so they become useless. After that, use the energy […]

Moving Costs: 6 Ways to Control Moving Expenses

Many people are amazed at the costs of moving their home. To avoid an unpleasant shock to your financial system, use these six ways to take control of the costs involved. They can lead you to change the goods you take, the services you buy, and even the date you move. Be realistic Do not underestimate the size of the […]

Start howling – It’s the wolf moon

Start howling! The Wolf Moon begins its phase on Thursday, January 14, 2010 at 11:12 p.m. with the New Moon. Although you can’t see the New Moon of the Wolf, as that is his dark moon time, be prepared to tug on your emotions as the Earth, Moon, and Sun are in direct alignment. The more you can connect with […]

Profitable Growth Is Everyone’s Business: A Book Summary

Gone are the days of ruthless downsizing and drastic cost cutting. Today, companies have realized that the best way to make a profit is only through growth: profitable growth. In this book, author Ram Charan provides 10 tools anyone can use to get around obstacles and achieve profitable growth. These tools are: 1. Revenue growth is everyone’s business, so make […]

How to understand Bitcoin?

A guide on how to understand Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies? Although Bitcoin is one of the most searched terms (according to Google), it is a very technical topic for many people and can get too technical for non-geeks. However, there are now hundreds of cryptocurrencies and more and more people are starting to want to know how they work, possibly due […]

valentine jokes

If you are looking for a good laugh on Valentine’s Day, then some Valentine’s Day jokes are perfect for you. Laughter is always good medicine and I bet you know that. So if you’re trying to bridge a gap with someone you love this Valentine’s Day, try doing it with some banter. Valentine’s Day jokes are a unique combination of […]