Foreclosure Issues

If your mortgage is in a very large bank, you are wrong! Trying to find a solution to your deficiency is very complicated and the service is lousy. Your Foreclosure Problems Have Begun! A friend was behind on her mortgage payments. She had owned her property for 37 years. The bank filed the papers to place the property in receivership […]

Elementary to Middle School Transition – Study Strategies

The transition from elementary school to middle or high school can be a frightening experience for many students. After all, for many children, this is the first time they will be moving from one class to another without a teacher or chaperone. Students will learn from a variety of teachers with different specialties and teaching techniques. Also, they will mingle […]

Ipath Shoes: The Ultimate Eco-Friendly Skate Shoe

Ipath shoes are environmentally friendly skate shoes. The brand has a high level of awareness towards the natural environment. This is not only demonstrated in their ecosystem-oriented outreach program, but also in the shoes themselves. The use of products such as hemp and natural cotton in Ipath shoes is evidence that the brand is dedicated to caring for the ecosystem. […]

Human Resources Mysteries: What Does a Recruitment Agency Do?

For all those who have never worked with them, recruitment agencies are a great mystery. What do they really do? Are good? What are they to start with? Companies? NGO? Employers? government organizations? So many questions… So let’s clear the air a bit. First of all, employment agencies are companies, basic and ordinary companies that have employees, that pay taxes […]