Home-Based Business Success Formula

There are 4 key elements to creating and growing a successful home-based business. The formula for success is: *Know yourself * Know your MARKET * Know HOW to market * Apply a FOCUSED action plan Know Thyself Now, “know thyself” may seem a bit abstract or out of place when thinking about the nuts and bolts of running a home-based […]

Keep business operations and logistics simple, streamlined, and agile

Most of the entrepreneurs we interviewed in our consulting business have a very unrealistic understanding of what makes investors excited and disappointed. The dream of many inexperienced inventors looking to fund their venture is to build a substantial infrastructure. Your business plan identifies the need for factory space, equipment, personnel, and many other fixed costs. Investors want to see a […]

Interior decoration for fun and profit!

Interior decorating has grown 11% in the last five years and will continue to grow as more people work outside the home and earn more money. If you are constantly being asked for your interior design ideas, this could be an amazing opportunity for you. All you need to do is make a few decisions and love to create beautiful […]

Strengthen your grad school application

As the director of the graduate program and leader of the admissions committee, I am able to provide applicants with advice that will increase the chances of being accepted into a graduate program. This article should be used as a tool to refine your application file. It in no way guarantees your acceptance into any program. Based on my experience […]

The Swedish Olympic Games revivals of 1834, 1836 and 1843

Pierre de Coubertin was by no means the first person to revive the ancient Olympic Games. The idea was born much earlier in the Renaissance era, with its great interest in the classical world. Thus the first Cotswold ‘Olympics’ have been held annually in England since the early 17th century, apart from the Cromwellian period, and there were many similar […]

How is tequila made

Tequila is a distilled spirit that is produced only in Mexico, and only then in the Tequila region. The juice from the heart of the agave plant is fermented and distilled twice to make tequila. The production of tequila must comply with the strict regulations established by the Mexican government. To make tequila, you need to start with mature blue […]

Geluri pentru ameliorarea durerilor articulare

ameliorarea durerilor articulare Dacă aveți de-a face cu articulații dureroase, gelurile pot fi o modalitate excelentă de a oferi o ușurare temporară. Analgezicele precum gelul funcționează prin interacțiunea cu terminațiile nervoase din piele, blocând semnalele durerii să ajungă la creier. În plus, aceste geluri pot ajuta prin creșterea fluxului de sânge în zona afectată, care poate furniza nutrienți și oxigen […]