Video Game Awards 2006

The 2006 Video Game Award was held on Spike TV on Wednesday, December 13, the results are listed below. GAME OF THE YEAR Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Winner Gears of war Guitar Hero II Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Advanced Warfigher BEST ACTION GAME Dead Rising Winner New Super Mario Brothers Okami Row of saints bully BEST INDIVIDUAL SPORTS GAME Rockstar […]

Sound money and deflation

With the huge advances in industrial productivity during the 20th century, shouldn’t a penny now buy me at least 10 Snickers bars instead of nothing? A great question, considering that the world population multiplied by 4.2 between 1900 and 2010, the annual copper mining production increased 30 times in the same time period, and the industrial / agricultural mass production […]

SEO: Understand how Google Panda works

Google Panda is the software that Google uses to index different website pages, which can be accessed through the Internet. This innovative software was launched in February 2011. After its launch, the rankings of many websites suffered. A survey by US-based media company CNET found that social media and news sites saw a huge improvement in their rankings once Google […]

How to Find the Best Offshore Forex Broker in US

Best Offshore Forex Broker in US In this piece, we will discuss the key context around why more investors, everyday, are getting attracted to becoming brokers for an offshore currency trading company. If you have been considering or are already a registered broker for an offshore currency trading company, I would like to congratulate you on that decision. For many, […]

It is a bullish sign when a company buys its own shares!

Dear Partner-Investor. Shareholders and investors of two blue-chip companies received good news on Monday, July 9, 2007, which has potentially bullish consequences in the long run. First, Johnson & Johnson announced the buyback of up to $ 10 billion of its common shares. Then, ConocoPhillips announced the buyback of a $ 15 billion share buyback program, representing a $ 13 […]

At William Boyd’s Yankee Station

William Boyd’s On The Yankee Station is a series of short stories, the longest of which gives the set its title. This particular story is a magnificent piece of short fiction, much more than a short story, which faces, in less than 25 pages, several big problems and, at the same time, draws its characters in considerable and complex detail. […]

Nintendo Wii review

Nintendo remains a video game favorite, although a comprehensive review of the Wii, along with competing game consoles, shows that the Wii may not have some of the same capabilities as the others. The Wii appears to be a bit unique in that the leadership position is maintained, not through engineering modifications such as increased energy efficiency or component upgrades, […]

Helichrysum essential oil – a natural means of accelerating the healing of many common sports injuries

Despite the image of aromatherapy as lacking in scientific foundation in the United States, the use of pure therapeutic-grade essential oil for medical applications is common in much of Europe. The essential oil distilled from the flowers of Helichrysum Italicum is well known for its wide range of actions, which can contribute to the healing of many common sports-related injuries. […]

Bails are not fair!

Why are some bonds better than others? Why can small ones be harder to come by than big ones? Construction companies are among the most important clients of a binding company. They are the source of the performance and payment bonds that guarantee your construction contracts. For a surety company (surety), these are probably the largest and most lucrative transactions. […]