Bhairav ​​Pack – Best Topical Medicine for Joint Pain, Back Pain and Spondylitis

Nowadays we lead a busy and fast life, but sometimes we can realize that we do not find the right time to take care of our health. Long hours of travel, irregular eating habits and sometimes inadequate time to rest affect our health and our health suffers.

Very elaborately, back and joint pain are just a few of the disorders that have been presented as the hues of the age, and are too often classified as lifestyle disorders. Now this affects the way you work, the way you feel and how fast you age. It could affect one’s immunity.

As a direct result of the same, we find that people sometimes look for medications or pain relievers that provide temporary relief from pain and discomfort, but sometimes people get used to pain relievers like aspirin and just increase the dose over time.

But this could affect the way our body works and could influence one’s immunity in general.


The Bhairav ​​Pain Relief Kit has been specially designed for people who lead an active lifestyle, people on the go, housewives and even office goers. So the Bhairav ​​Pain Relief Kit is basically a composition of Bhairav ​​Oil and Bhairav ​​Massage Powder, which when used in the prescribed manner can do wonders for joint pain, sore throat, back and all sorts of other pain-related disorders.


Bhairav ​​Oil is a 100% Ayurvedic remedy that is made from Kalonji seeds as the base material. Other main ingredients of Bhairav ​​oil are Shudh Gugal and Revendchini, each of which has been listed as a highly effective alternative for treating all joint related ailments and disorders.

Bhairav ​​oil is to be used as a topical medication only and is not intended for oral consumption.

One of the most preferable aspects of Bhairav ​​Oil with Kalonji Seeds is that while it is very helpful in relieving pain and healing while one is suffering from sprains, strains and swelling, it is also the best ideal alternative for when one is afflicted by injuries, cuts, wounds or even burns.

While Bhairav ​​oil gets rid of pain and discomfort in a short time, it also ensures faster healing of the injury or wound and also has disinfectant properties so that the individual easily avoids infection.

On the use of Bhairav ​​​​Oil, and find relief in a matter of seconds. It is best to have Bhairav ​​oil on hand at home, or you could even carry it with you in your bag and use it when you have joint pain.

Using the Bhairav ​​​​Oil is easy.

1. Take 3-4 drops in the palm of your hand.

2. Massage where you are suffering from pain.

3. It is recommended to massage twice a day with Bhairav ​​oil

4. For best results, use after bathing in the morning and at night.

The oil has been shown to give excellent results even when one suffers from chronic pain in the joints of the back or knees. Alternatively, it is the best way to overcome pain in the ankles, knee joints, elbows, shoulders or wrists, or even for conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome.


One of the key ingredients in Bhairav ​​Pain Relif oil is Kalonji oil made from black Kalonji seeds. These black kalonji seeds are a well known Ayurvedic medicine.

In essence, Kalonji is nothing more than an Ayurvedic herb that produces blue flowers and black seeds. It is often listed as one of the most important Ayurvedic herbs. Kalonji black seeds have more than 100 medicinal components. In particular, when used as a topical medicine, kalonji oil is known to be particularly helpful in curing all bone and muscle related disorders such as back pain, cervical spondylitis, arthritis, and spondylitis.


The other ingredient in the Bhairav ​​Pain Relief Kit is the Bhairav ​​Massage Powder, and a host of herbs including Revendchini, Amba Haldi, Gugal and Maida lakdi are used to formulate the Bhairav Massage Powder.

Bhairav ​​massage powder, like Bhairav ​​oil, is easy to use and is of great help even in complicated cases of orthopedic problems. It revitalizes and strengthens the bones and joints, and the individual is empowered to lead a normal and happy lifestyle again.

Bhairav ​​massage powder is easy to use:-

1. Take about 4g (1 scoop) of Bhairav ​​massage powder and mix it with some warm water to make it into a paste.

2. Apply the paste to the painful area in a gentle massaging motion.

3. Wrap a cloth bandage over the paste securely to ensure it stays intact for a few hours.

4. It is recommended to do this before bedtime for maximum benefit.

5. In the morning, wash off with lukewarm water and gently massage with Bhairav ​​Oil.


o Improve blood circulation

o Reduce pain and inflammation

o Strengthen supporting muscles

o Calcify bones and prevent damage

o Improve lubrication in bone joints

o Reduce the rate of cartilage damage

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