cafe swing doors

Cafe doors are a unique alternative to standard internal door installations. Also known as swing doors, they can be used to cover any opening that has previously been used with full-length interior doors. Many styles are now available and extend beyond the standard louvered cafe doors. These doors add privacy and simplify access while allowing natural light and sound to penetrate adjacent spaces. You can find unique door designs that are custom sized to meet your opening requirements, ensuring a perfect fit to your existing opening; no cutting, shim work or demonstration of existing opening is required.

They provide a distinctive look by dividing or hiding elements from view in shared spaces. You can mount the doors at any height. You’ll find cafe doors in homes, restaurants, businesses, hospitals and more, common uses are to separate bathrooms, dressing rooms, laundry rooms and kitchens from adjacent rooms, they can also offer increased functionality by restricting pets to certain spaces/rooms . . Depending on the appearance of your space, that will determine the style and finish of swing doors you want to purchase. There are western style doors that seem to be very popular in the American midwest, full length cafe doors where the swing doors go from the floor to the top of the door, these doors are the style of door that you could use it for a closet or bathroom or just to completely divide one room from another, and for the traditional look you can find classic style two panel cafe doors with spindles. Shutter doors are popular for that space that needs to be partitioned but can also be transparent. Although most are sold unfinished, you can find almost any style, shape, or finish to suit your decor or needs.

With many different styles of swing doors, many styles of hinges are required to hang the doors in place, these different types of hinges are sold to the customer based on their needs and tastes. Some of the styles include: Premium Double Acting Gravity Hinges, Heavy Duty Gravity Hinges, typically used for large, heavy cafe doors, and the Double Acting Spring Hinge, which happens to be the most popular in applications. commercial. Along with different types of hinges, there are also different finishes such as polished brass, brushed nickel finish, and oil rubbed bronze, all of which go well with Saloon, Bar, Pub, Western, Craftsman, Contemporary, Colonial, Rustic, and Classic styles. cafe doors

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