Auto Detailing – What does it mean?

Detailing the car is not the same as washing it. When you have your car auto detailed, it will be cleaned inside and out. When you’re done, your car will look like new. Some of the tasks involved in auto detailing include polishing, waxing, and cleaning the interior and exterior of the car along with removing debris and stains. To […]

Auto Parts Prices

Car repair can be one of the most expensive and frustrating things of adulthood. Because parts prices are always on the rise, as are labor costs. People have to earn a living, and the auto repair industry is one of the industries that is always on the rise. No matter what, people always need to get their car fixed, even […]

Alternative Fuel Kits: Learn How to Get 40% More MPG

Gasoline prices are at all-time highs and keep going up! I was having trouble paying for gas, until I found out that there are alternative fuel kits. Alternative fuel equipment? what are those? An alternative fuel kit, more commonly known as a hydrogen fuel kit or HHO fuel kit, is a device that creates a gas called HHO. HHO is […]

Polarized sunglasses: who invented them?

Polarized sunglasses, like many great inventions, are worn by many of us without a second thought. But have you ever stopped to think where polarized sunglasses come from? Someone had to come with them. Actually, we owe the creation of polarized sunglasses to four men. In the 1750s, James Ayscough experimented with the use of tinted glass to correct vision […]

Tata Merlin – The best has become the best

For the last two years, the native company had the team burn the midnight oil for the conception and development of the new Safari under the code name ‘Safari 18’. Built on the 4×2 Aria platform, the new model is expected to be unveiled in late 2011, lauding the Tata Merlin name. It is speculated that the Merlin would be […]

The importance of a car test drive

It’s surprising how many people decide not to try a new car before they buy it. Often potential buyers just look at the aesthetics and kick the tires instead of really understanding the history of the engine and any repairs already done before. The test drive is one of the most important parts of the decision-making process and you should […]

Self Build Directory

If you’re ready to build a home or renovate an existing building, the Self-Build Directory is the place to find providers of products and services you’ll need during your build. It will also help you find the details and contact information you need for the providers and services you need. At Self Build Directory, you can find different vendors who […]