Role of a network in affiliate marketing

An affiliate network provides a third angle for the internet marketing business. The other two are merchants and website publishers. An affiliate network plays the role of merchant and publisher in online marketing. It does not mean that a network runs its own site or makes products for sale. Both merchants and publishers or affiliates felt the need for an […]

5 Social Media Marketing Strategies to Improve Your Efforts in 2017

Social networking is considered the number one daily activity among Americans and 76% of Facebook users worldwide visit the site daily. An average time spent sending emails and Google is more than anything else. An investigation concluded that 93% of marketers use social media platforms to promote their business. Social networks are getting bigger and bigger every day. If you’re […]

Digital Marketing Strategy

With the new Search Engine Guidelines and Rules, 2013 represents a great opportunity for businesses to drastically strengthen their online presence. Since July 2013, the old SEO rules do not apply in the same way. Now is the best time to commit to a digital marketing plan that works for your business. With Google letting its hummingbird spread its wings, […]

Use a virtual assistant for review

Proofreading is the reading of an electronic copy of a publication to detect and correct errors in text or art. Correctors are expected to be consistently accurate by default because they occupy the last stage of production before publication. The term proofreading is sometimes used to refer to text editing and vice versa. Although there is some overlap, proofreaders often […]

What exactly is the concept of advertising 4.0?

The concept of Advertising 4.0 is not my invention, but it is the reality of smart advertising on the internet. It is a system made up of creators, publishers, audience groups and regulatory agencies. I was in the business of creating and delivering advertising work on the Internet 10 years ago. The first was creating advertising for Google. You may […]

Quantitative Investing: A Misunderstood Science

We often hear about the two most common investment methodologies and philosophies, one is fundamental and the other is technical. I’m here to introduce, demystify and educate people on the often misunderstood philosophy of quantitative investing. Quantitative investing seeks to reduce potentially adverse human biases and bases investment decisions solely on data, only facts; he is emotional and disciplined. Quantitative […]

How to target customer referrals with the help of social media

Today, social networking websites have become the most important tool for interacting with customers and building healthy relationships with them. Historically, marketing and advertising approaches have focused on the company driving its brand and messages to the consumer by communicating in a very generic way through public media: radio, television, magazines, billboards, etc. but social media nonetheless combines those tried […]

New teachers as vital members of the teaching workforce

The demand for new teachers has been rising steadily since the 1990s and is expected to continue for the foreseeable future due to increases in teacher retirement and student enrollment, lower student-teacher ratios, and rising of teacher dropout rates. New teachers enter the profession with varying degrees of preparation, ranging from extensive coursework and classroom experience to no preparation at […]

Free ways to promote your site

1. Submit your site to free search engine submission sites. Make sure you submit your site to all the major search engines out there. A site that submits to search engines is 2. Submit your site to ffa sites. FFA sites are sites created for the purpose of allowing people to post one-way links. There are some well-known services that […]

Marketing to Gen X can be fun and rewarding

Marketing to Generation X, also known as Gen X, is becoming a bigger and bigger industry. Like the Baby Boomers before them, youth, health, and an active lifestyle are of paramount importance. Born between the years 1965 and 1980, Generation X is ambitious, educated, independent, happy and family-focused, according to the 2011 publication “The Generation X Report,” which is based […]