New dating trend: pheromones

The usual dating trends implemented by single men and women to meet singles have been around for quite some time. These trends can take the form of online dating through online dating websites, mobile phone dating through smartphone apps and features, and conventional offline dating by searching for someone interesting through interests. common and mutual friends. In this sense, various […]

11 Sources of Free Nonfiction Book Testimonials

Introduction A great way to add credibility to your book is with testimonials. Nothing helps give your book greater credibility than a positive quote from a prominent figure or person who is knowledgeable in the field of your book’s topic. Credibility is essential for your professional success and for the sale of your books. Here are eleven sources for finding […]

Tea "What, why, when and how" of a content plan

For a moment, view your website without the words, images, videos, audio, embedding applications, or even raw data. How does it look and feel now? Empty, inanimate, useless and worthless! Well that sums up the value of web content. That being said, you cannot fill your website with just anything. The content that you place and distribute on the World […]

How to write a business proposal that sells B2B

Many of my small business marketing clients want to know how to prepare a winning business proposal, especially a GREAT BUSINESS proposal, one that is going to win a contract with corporate clients! My whole philosophy of being a Client Magnet is about attracting clients, that’s why they call you. So you don’t have to do all the time it […]

6 Amazing Free SEO Tools You Must Try

The number of SEO tools available online has overwhelmed me, and several are offered totally free! To generate the best options, here is a detailed list of the best free SEO tools. These types of SEO tools are designed for a number of purposes, but are nevertheless necessary throughout the optimization process. 1. Google Analytics / Google Webmaster Console One […]