Sun Tzu’s Art of War: Five Stages to Evaluate Strategy Success

Now, in war, evaluations must be carried out in the following way: first, estimate the degree of difficulty; second, evaluate the scope of the operation; third, calculation of own forces; fourth, comparison of forces; and fifth, establish the chances of victory. Depending on the characteristics of the terrain, the degree of difficulty is estimated. Depending on the degree of difficulty, […]

Office supply management for a large organization

No matter how large or small an organization is, maintaining a constant supply of readily available office supplies can keep costs down and improve overall productivity levels; Imagine the stress of spending an entire day preparing a crucial presentation for an important client, only to find that one of your colleagues used the latest paper yesterday and didn’t think to […]

6 reasons to watch good movies

We all love to spend a lazy day on the couch watching our favorite movie and having a snack. However, do you know that these thrillers can do wonders when it comes to your health? So if you need a reason to relax on a hot summer day, we suggest you try a good move. Let’s take a look at […]

A look at the Water Blaster XLR water cannon

The Water Blaster XLR cannon has a range of approximately 60 feet. so you probably won’t find anyone else in a water fight with as much range as you (unless, of course, they also have an XLR cannon). The stream is also very heavy, so it has a lot of soaking power. How does it work The XLR Cannon has […]

The history of leisure and recreation

When you stop to think about it, humanity has always enjoyed some form of leisure and recreation, so the history of leisure and recreation goes back a long way. The Romans had the Colosseum, where they watched chariot races and other entertainment. The Greeks had amphitheaters where they watched drama and comedy and, of course, they invented the Olympics, one […]

8 tips to help you choose the right film

If you want to watch a movie, you may find it difficult to choose from many titles. At the end of the day, it all comes down to your personal preferences. However, in this article, we provide you with some tips to help you search for the perfect movie, regardless of your situation. Let’s take a look at the tips […]

How good is the TI-84 calculator as a mobile console?

Humanity has the ability to get bored. We will get bored in the car, on the plane, or in our math classes. However, no one would blame us for getting bored in a math class. Math can be tedious and boring. That’s what probably led some people to pick up the Texas Instruments 84 calculator and say “I could work […]

Boat docking in a stream

Learn how to dock a boat like a pro when landing soft and easy with the current. Follow these quick and easy sailing tips and in no time you’ll be “wowing” the people at your marina with your docking skills. Enter any marina and you will deal with wind or current. Face the current with the bow or stern for […]