Get the most out of your digital camera today!

Point and click. The new life of digital cameras gives us all the opportunity to capture images on the go. Whether you simply press the shutter button to take pictures of your friends and family or you want to have your camera with you at all times to capture the beauty of life wherever you find it, getting the most […]

Symphony No. Shostakovich’s 4: A Personal View

Personal opinions about music are often problematic, precisely because they are personal. People who are asked to choose music to accompany their loneliness often select pieces by association, pieces that they heard at a particular time or place that was significant in their lives. Music becomes a reinforcement of purely internal associations and thus comes to mean things that are […]

13 richest celebrities under 25

Holy moly. I wish we had the amount of money these people have. And guess what this list is just about rich people under 25 years old. And by rich people under the age of 25, I mean rich celebrities. We’ll add you to the list and just to be clear, this list here highlights 13 of the richest celebrities […]

LIVE BAIT It’s not a crime

The time from Ice-Out to when the water warms to over fifty degrees can be the best time to catch a true “TROPHY” bass in almost every area, around the world. Many of the larger specimens are caught at this time of year with “live bait”. In the Northeast, a largemouth “trophy” is typically a bass weighing more than five […]

Why do we allow hackers to continue to threaten critical national infrastructures?

Financial losses due to cybercrime now exceed the total dollar amount of illegal drug trafficking globally: more than a trillion dollars. By 2025, the total loss is projected to exceed $ 6 trillion. That is incredible! The entire critical infrastructure of each nation state is clearly at risk. The significant threats facing a modern country, such as the United States, […]

Spend Wisely To Buy The Best Home Audio Speakers

Once you start planning to build a powerful home theater system or high-capacity gaming arrangement, you need to look for premium surround sound. Finding a suitable speaker for an amplifier may seem difficult, but of course it is not rocket science. Perhaps a few specifications can affect overall performance, including impedance, power handling ability, and sensitivity. Online sites make it […]

Different types of RF technology

RF (radio frequency) technology is designed to send a variety of commands and signals to an endless line of devices used in modern life. The utility of RF or microwave capabilities continues to expand with continued research from developers and scientists. Some of the areas in which RF technology is used include the industrial, automotive, medical, commercial and military sectors. […]