Term insurance versus whole life insurance

Finished? The whole life? Which to choose? This is the fundamental question when planning to buy coverage to protect yourself while you are alive. First, let’s look at the differences between term life insurance and whole life insurance. Term insurance: In simple terms, the income terms are pure coverage for a specified number of years. You are protecting yourself and […]

Best Self Defense Weapons for Unarmed Security Guards

Unarmed security guards often find themselves in potentially dangerous or violent situations with someone who is armed and / or dangerous. Because their resources are limited in terms of weaponry, they may have to turn to regular and unpretentious items that are part of everyday life to help gain some influence and protect themselves. Here are some of the best […]

Cole Porter Song "True love"

“True Love” was written by Cole Porter and played by Bing Crosby and Grace Kelly in the 1955 film, “High Society,” which also starred Frank Sinatra and Louis Armstrong. “True Love” was the first and only gold record for Grace Kelly and it was the twenty-first gold record for Bing Crosby. The song stayed on the charts for 22 weeks, […]

Construction accidents leading cause of death in Michigan

Construction accidents continue to be one of the most frequent types of accidents for Michigan workers and workers across the country because safety rules have failed to protect them. Construction workers in construction trades are frequent victims of on-the-job injuries and serious accidents. Why? Too often the required safety rules are not in place. As a result, thousands of construction […]

The most common legal services needed

In the course of a person’s life, many types of legal services are needed. Some of them are fairly common services, other times these services will take the form of a legal specialist. Whatever the case, people will always need legal services. One of the most common legal needs a person faces is when they are injured in an accident. […]

I have herpes

Having an STD can be scary. You know what is even scarier? The stigma that goes with it. In fact, I don’t. But what was your first thought? Has your opinion of me changed? I ask, because this is a very real situation that many have to face on a daily basis. Let’s talk about stigma. Let me start with […]

Why You Need An Intellectual Property Lawyer On Your Side

These days, most companies will have some kind of intangible asset (meaning it can be seen but not touched) that they have claimed ownership of, such as a trademark, patent, or copyright. As with any other asset you own, they must be properly managed and cared for to ensure that your rights have not been violated. To help you do […]

How do we know that female masturbation is rare

Kinsey found that only 20% of women masturbated regularly. Kinsey concluded that masturbation was not only the fastest way for a woman to reach orgasm (4 minutes on average), but also the most reliable way (95% success rate). He used the masturbatory activities of women to define the female orgasm. There are many ways to show that women are wrong […]

Legal Librarian Cover Letter

A cover letter is a cover letter to the employer that persuades the employer to consider you more for a particular position. A law library provides the necessary study and research material for law students and staff members. A law librarian has to perform a large number of tasks in the law library. He has to provide research and examination […]

New White Collar Overtime Waiver Rules Are Coming, Now What?

On December 1, 2016, employers will have to pay more to take advantage of the so-called white-collar overtime exemptions from the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). To prepare for the next change, employers need to know if and to what extent they will be affected by the new overtime exemption regulations. The new rules focus primarily on the minimum wage […]