The one thing collection agencies don’t want you to know

Closed border states are great for people who owe money to live on because many collection agencies can never call or contact you in any way. The exceptions to this are business accounts and if the collection agency trying to collect a debt from you is licensed in the same state you are in. The way this works in your […]

You don’t have to be a man to enjoy true testosterone therapy

When you think of testosterone therapy, you probably picture a guy with giant muscles trying to get bigger and stronger. While building lean muscle mass is often one of the best testosterone benefits for a user, there are other great reasons to try an amazing hormonal plan. The right treatment can help with everything from the user’s weight and precious […]

Definition and function of wireless dog fence

The wireless dog fence is an electronic fence and a revolutionary product that provides the basic functions of a state-of-the-art dog fence system. This wireless dog containment system is designed to keep your dog within defined limits to keep him out of areas that need protection. Compared to other wooden or metal fences, the wireless dog fence will prevent your […]

How Much Does a SSDI Disability Lawyer Cost?

SSDI Disability Lawyer Cost In most cases, disability attorneys charge their clients on a contingency fee basis, meaning they’re paid out a percentage of the settlement amount after the Social Security Administration approves their claim. A disability attorney will likely sign a fee agreement with you before they begin working on your case. This fee agreement will lay out the […]

When children with special needs grow up

According to a study published in the Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine, more than half a million children with special needs turn 18 each year. However, turning 18 does not mean that the conditions that gave these children the “special needs” label have suddenly disappeared; indeed, most of these new adults will require as much or more ongoing intervention […]

How to Do a Baldwin County Public Records Search

The state of Alabama does not keep all of its records in one central office. Instead, it is up to the counties that comprise the state to maintain such records. There is an office for the Alabama Department of Archives and History, but for most searches those records do not apply. For the cities of Bay Minette, Foley, Magnolia Springs, […]

I’m dying to have sex

I’m dying to have sex, he told me. I just finished my weekly class on AIDS and addiction at a local treatment center. It was 11:00 in the morning and it was raining outside. As we stood in the dimly lit concrete hallway, she revealed that she had been in rehab for 5 months and craved physical contact. Over the […]