Solution of problems in fluid mechanics I

The fluid mechanics taught in introductory physics is an ideal topic to demonstrate how to teach in terms of basic ideas. There are four important principles that are taught in the introduction to fluid mechanics. They are: (i) pressure variation with height; (ii) Archimedes’ principle; (iii) continuity equation; and (iv) Bernoulli’s equation. These four can be combined with mechanical principles […]

Why data security is important

Data security is important because certain companies maintain data that contains exceptionally sensitive information that would create serious liability risks if compromised, particularly data that is maintained for a financial environment. Information used to develop accounting records, such as stock ownership, profit distribution, profit-sharing, joint venture agreements, or wage and salary information must have strict security to prevent unauthorized access […]

7 Power Habits to Ensure Financial Independence

Are you always running out of funds? Do you still have to borrow money sometimes to at least live comfortably? Can you pay your bills on time? If you answered mostly yes, then you are in danger of being financially unstable. You can’t afford the things you want, and sometimes even the things you need. Don’t go around in a […]

Strengthen your grad school application

As the director of the graduate program and leader of the admissions committee, I am able to provide applicants with advice that will increase the chances of being accepted into a graduate program. This article should be used as a tool to refine your application file. It in no way guarantees your acceptance into any program. Based on my experience […]

How to optimize Google My Business Listing to (generate sales)

20% of your local optimization efforts will give you 80% of your results. Wondering how? With Google My Business. Google My Business (GMB): A free listing of your business’s operating information, reviews, posts, images, and more. google my business Most of the people you would meet; consider GMB as one more place to display information about the business. But that’s […]

plastic viscosity

Plastic Viscosity (PV) is the fluid’s resistance to flow. According to the Bingham plastic model, the PV is the slope of the shear stress and the shear rate. In the field, we can obtain the PV from a viscometer. Typically, the viscometer is used to measure shear speeds at 600, 300, 200, 100, 6, and 3 revolutions per minute (rpm). […]

How to make money betting on the NBA

Basketball is one of the most exciting sporting events out there. Lots of people enjoy watching the NBA, in particular, and rooting for their favorite teams. But if you really want to get more excitement from the games then you should try betting on your favorite team. By putting a little money on the line, you make the game more […]

5 Steps to Take When You Receive a Summons Letter from the ISP

Copying music, movies, and software over the Internet using BitTorrent is now quite common. Sandvine recently released data on the amount of internet traffic used by top apps, with BitTorrent ranking as the #1 Upstream App, #4 Downstream App, and #4 Overall App behind Netflix, YouTube, and HTTP. What’s worse is that many people don’t even know that it’s illegal […]

How Much Does a Washington, DC DUI Lawyer Cost?

Most lawyers do not post their legal fees online. The reason they don’t is because generally each case is different and there may be a fluctuation in prices between clients. However, you should have a starting point for the cost of DUI lawyers in Washington, DC. The cost of the DUI attorney depends primarily on the experience of the attorney […]

Unipay2u – Golden Gateway to the best and safest returns

The company takes advantage of the international market and the enormous opportunities it offers to obtain better and safe returns. In the process, clients legally obtain tax savings and asset protection without revealing their identity. Globalization has facilitated regulation and state intervention, making the scenario immensely competitive in financial markets. It is not easy to make a profit every time […]