Glycolic acid in industrial use

Glycolic acid has many different uses in many different industries. It is commonly used in the beauty and cosmetic industry as a way to revitalize the skin and make it look very young and fresh. Glycolic acid in that industry is used in a very low concentration. When it reaches higher levels, it is better to use it in industrial […]

One big reason why you can’t stay friends with your ex

Of all the questions about broken relationships, the most common have to do with friendship. And that’s because, for many people, maintaining a certain level of friendship after the breakup seems to be the method to follow in trying to stay in the life of their ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend. Why can’t I stay friends with my ex? Won’t that help […]

The 5 most common myths of menopause

Myth 1: Hormone replacement causes breast cancer. The 2002 Women’s Health Initiative is to blame for this misinformation. It showed the following results in three arms representing 10,000 women in each: • 30 cases of invasive breast cancer in the group that did not use HRT • 38 cases of invasive breast cancer in the premarin-provera group (unnatural estrogen / […]

Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa is the most famous and at the same time the most controversial Catholic nun of the 20th century. Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu (her real name) was born on August 27, 1910 in Skopje or Skopje, a city in southeastern Yugoslavia, (which was part of the Turkish Empire at the time) to an Albanian mother and father, Nikola, of unknown […]

Say goodbye to hangovers

If you’ve ever wondered what causes a hangover, the answer to that question is simply this, hangovers are caused by drinking more alcohol than your body can handle. Even a single alcoholic drink can cause a hangover in some people. Some others can drink heavily and escape hangover altogether. However, in general, more than three to five alcoholic drinks for […]

Death by Jockdom: 5 ways to avoid a tragedy

Athletes are part of life. Most of us in an athletic field or profession, regardless of our discipline, are often referred to as athletes. Fair enough. However, while athletes can be nice guys and contribute to the well-being of society, there is a time when discretion and common sense dictate withdrawal from a potentially violent situation. Instincts play a role, […]

Yeast infection: how to treat intertrigo

The yeast responsible for the development of a skin infection called intertrigo is none other than Candida ablicans. Candida ablicans likes to grow in areas where moisture is trapped, such as deep folds of the skin. Here, air circulation is limited. An intertrigo usually develops from the rubbing of warm, moist skin in the armpit areas, behind the ears, the […]