Art classes in Los Angeles – Reasons to study there?

Los Angeles art classes are generally highly encouraged by creative people, museums, galleries, art installations, workshops, and studios because they thrive there. This particular area is also known as one of the largest offerings of arts-related schools and programs in the world. The area offers a wide variety of activities, from shopping and dining to a lively atmosphere of partying […]

Safety precautions when applying makeup

Applying makeup has become an integral part of the lives of most women in the society. It is considered an art and must be performed correctly to achieve satisfactory results. However, it is important to take certain precautions when applying makeup to maintain your health. There are various types of makeup available in the market for specific parts of your […]

The narcissist and his family

We are all members of a few families throughout our lives: the one we are born into and the one(s) we create. We all transfer wounds, attitudes, fears, hopes and desires -all emotional baggage- from the former to the latter. The narcissist is no exception. The narcissist has a dichotomous view of humanity: humans are Narcissistic Sources of Supply (and […]

Three keys to a happy life

A asked me, based on a friend’s experience as a psychologist who watches people develop personally and interpersonally, what I think are the three most positive life-changing lessons for helping people enjoy life. Wow, narrow it down to three! Here are some concepts I can safely say change people for the better if they really understand them on an emotional […]