In solidarity with beloved weeping mother India

I watched with great interest the film documentary Mother India: Life through the Eyes of the Orphan (2012). With 31,000,000 orphans in India, this film briefly invites us into the lives of 25 orphaned or abandoned young people (ages three to 25) who live along the railway line in South India. I have been thinking a lot about India, which […]

Dog Clicker Training: Stop Your Dog Digging

You come home one day to find that your backyard looks like the moon, full of craters! And your garden? Well, say goodbye to your newly planted flowers. One of the most common dog problems that every owner encounters at one time or another is dog digging. Dogs love to dig! Whether it’s in the garden, the backyard, under the […]

Webkinz stuffed animals are lead-free toy safe

Toy recalls are pouring in. Every day, the list grows as Americans discover that the brands they trusted their children with were imported from China and painted with lead paint. As the holiday season approaches, Americans will buy millions of toys and gifts for their loved ones. one is. How will they know which toy is safe to buy? Although […]

Get started with Google AdWords

Google AdWords advertising allows you to show your ads to people who are most likely to be interested in your products or services, and filter out those who are not. You can track how many people your ad was shown to, how many of those people clicked on your ad, and more by integrating your account with Google Analytics. By […]

Why is there a dead raccoon in my garden?

If you find a dead raccoon on your property, there may or may not be any meaning behind it. However, it is understandable that homeowners become a little wary or suspicious upon discovering a dead raccoon near their home. There is helpful information about dead raccoons, the threat they pose, and how to prevent raccoon activity on your property. Read […]

Holy cow, these are unusual business ideas!

An unusual idea doesn’t have to be a bad idea. All over the world, every day, people like you and me are coming up with unusual ideas that end up being huge successes. In this article I am going to talk about a couple of great examples of unusual business ideas that have to do with cows. Read on to […]

Your pets and your guardian angel

If you’re like most people, you consider your pets part of your family. You love them and receive a lot of love in return, and you get upset when they get sick or are lost even for a short time. Here are some unique suggestions to lower your stress level when events seem troubling or even in crisis situations with […]

Dog Food Secrets: How To Stop Dog Food Allergy Problems And Double Your Dog’s Lifespan

Can your dog be allergic to its food? The most common causes of canine food allergies are caused by these ingredients, which include meat byproducts, corn, yeast, salt, sugar, and chemical preservatives. They are often responsible for allergic reactions. Dogs suffering from food allergies will experience reactions such as itchy skin, watery eyes, ear infections, flatulence, irritated anal glands (dripping […]