Responsible dog ownership

With all the companionship and love that our dogs give so freely, it’s hard to imagine that some owners simply don’t take responsibility for their dogs. But it’s true. Millions of dogs, healthy dogs, are euthanized each year. Whether through negligence or ignorance of the owner, millions of healthy dogs will suffer the same fate this year. So what should […]

Can Your Doberman Pinscher Improve Its Health?

Numerous studies have shown that pets, or at least the presence of animals, can have medical benefits that are beyond dispute. These range from lowering blood pressure to decreasing anxiety and depression and even faster healing times after surgery. Fido is not a placebo; You can literally be man’s best friend when people are sick. “We have known for many […]

How to advocate for the ethical treatment of animals

Asking how to advocate for the ethical treatment of animals is a good first step in understanding what I am going to say, so thank you for asking. You seem to have a concern for pets and animals if you ask. You may be concerned about your own pets, and the ripples of that feeling can spread to all other […]

Eat guts and fat to increase strength and vitality

I hate diets. I hate people who talk and teach about diet even more. If you can’t tell, I’m a bit angry and confused. For thousands and thousands of years, we, as the human race, have walked the earth in extraordinary health, living WITH nature and sharing its abundance. No diets, just eating. Instinctive feeding She provided food, water, and […]

Visual communication for rabbits

Visual cues are not the main communication system for rabbits. This is not a surprise, as we know that rabbits spend most of their time in the dark. So how do rabbits communicate? There are variations that we can look for to find out how rabbits feel. Variations can be different ear locations showing submission, fear, aggressive intent, satisfaction, and […]

Looking for a pet: consider a rabbit

They can be cute and cuddly. They can be as playful as a puppy or kitten, but they are also curious and mischievous, and they love to chew. If your children leave their clothes on the floor, if you have tassels and strings hanging from your curtains or furniture, you will soon learn that chewing is one of your new […]

Puggles history

Puggles are a relatively new breed and whenever you are looking for Puggle puppies for sale, you will likely find something different each time. Although this breed of dog has only been around for a little over ten years, not much is known about the first Puggle that was created or where it was raised. There were probably some Puggles […]

Chihuahua Puppy Care – How To Prepare

Chihuahua is a city in northern Mexico and is famous for its small, short-haired dogs; These Chihuahua puppies are difficult breeds to own as it is difficult to house train them. They are quite small and fragile in nature. Taking care of these chihuahua puppies can be quite a difficult task if you don’t learn how to take care of […]