CPR for dogs

Today I was reading the newspaper and I came across an interesting article about rescuing a dog. In West Monroe LA, a firefighter performed mouth-to-muzzle resuscitation and revived a small dog he found lifeless inside a burning mobile home. I was very impressed that this firefighter, Stephen “Odie” Odom, walked into the burning house when he was told there were […]

Retriever: 7 compelling reasons to have a Labrador

The Labrador Retriever is one of the most popular dogs in the world. This popularity is due to some unique characteristics present in this breed. Labrador Retrievers are famous for their intelligence, kindness, and friendly demeanor. Although there are several breeds of dogs, the Labrador Retriever has an advantage over many other breeds for 7 compelling reasons that I will […]

The art of tipping in Punta Cana

When you are on vacation, it is sometimes difficult to know how to tip. Who should I tip? When and how much should you tip? Usually these are the questions I hear from tourists traveling to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. People who work in tourism in Punta Cana often receive a relatively small basic salary, supplemented by tips and sales […]

These walls must fall (2)

All the doors that are in front of you will crash today in the name of Jesus! The gates of heaven – life, prosperity, favor, grace, opportunities, healing, and advancement open for you, while the gates of hell – opposition, failure, disappointment, enemies, disease and death will close. Yes, you cannot enter or exit without going through the doors. Everything […]

10 best places to buy a teacup puppy

People often say that a family is perfect and complete only when there are parents, children, and a lovable dog. One of people’s best options as a pet is a puppy. The reason for this is that puppies have great lovable appeal. Children in the family especially love puppies and they like to play with these puppies all day. We […]

What’s the problem with dogs and fire hydrants?

It has been a common conversation for years as we wonder why dogs urinate in fire hydrants. Is the fire hydrant a shape you recognize? Is there something about fire hydrants that magnetically attracts dogs to them? Does it have something to do with the fact that the fire hydrants spray water and that makes the dog have to urinate? […]

Sirius vs. Dwarf hamsters, what should I buy for my family?

As pets, hamsters are fairly easy to care for. Hamsters don’t need to walk, they’re not particularly dirty or stinky, they’re small and don’t take up much space, and they’re generally inexpensive. Hamsters are also quite robust animals and can make a very good pet for a child or a family with several children. However, there are two distinct options […]

Is your family ready to welcome a dog?

Are you thinking of adopting a dog for your family? If so, we think that’s great … but before you rush to your local dog shelter, rescue group, or online adoption site, consider whether your family is fully prepared to accept lifelong responsibility. guardianship of the dog. And then take some time to consider what type of dog is best […]

Things to consider before adopting a Chihuahua

Chihuahuas are loving pets. They are small enough that you can hug them. They are very alert and make an excellent watchdog. All dog lovers would love to have a Chihuahua as a pet. But before getting one for yourself, there are a few things to consider before adopting a Chihuahua. There are a few things to check before adopting […]