A Dog Named Christmas by Greg Kincaid

The local animal shelter has created a new program called “Adopt a Dog for Christmas.” Todd McCray decides that his family should remove a dog from the show the week before Christmas. However, there is a big problem with Todd’s plan. He is a mentally disabled 20-year-old adult boy who still lives at his farm home in Kansas with his […]

How to Select a Reputable Pet Store

Pet stores are one-stop-shops for buying a dog, cat, fish, bird, or smaller animal, in addition to their food, treats, toys, and supplies. When choosing a store, animal lovers should ensure that it matches their specific needs. They should take the time to research local retailers in the area with positive reviews. Also, here are some features to consider when […]

Three things you can do with wire-haired dachshunds

Wire-haired dachshunds are dogs. Being a hound, they love to use their nose. One of the best things you can do with any dog ​​is get him involved in activities for which he was bred. In the case of the Wirehaired Dachshund, do something with him that allows him to use his nose. Earth dog The land dog is an […]

Winter: a Maltipoo puppy’s nightmare

It’s officially winter, and many people worry about how to keep their young puppies warm in the freezing temperatures. Try some of these tips and tricks to make winter a wonderland rather than a dreaded event. Cold weather can be especially traumatic for Maltipoo puppies. The long hair between the toes and around the pads makes the snow a big […]

Rotastak Space command information and description

Are you looking for information and description of the Rotastak space command? You came to the right place. The Rotastak Space Command is another great Rotastak creation. It is built with an outer space theme enhanced by the color lime green and Universe blue. The Rotastak Space Command is designed for hamsters, gerbils, and mice. The tunnels, tubes, space capsules […]

Types of turtles: the 3 main categories of turtles

Turtles can make great pets and a welcome addition to any home if they are treated properly. To properly care for these creatures, it is very beneficial to know the different types of turtles. Turtles are seen as an exotic pet species and most people underestimate the routine care and maintenance that goes into keeping them as pets. There are […]

Reasons you would need a dog boarding service

Dog boarding services are businesses that accept dogs from people who need temporary care for their animals. There could be a number of reasons why people would have to rely on the services that dog boarding companies provide. Here are a number of reasons why you may need to use this type of service for your dog. Holidays Families go […]

Clicker Training Your French Bulldog: Is It Right For You?

You’re in the park with your French Bulldog “Simon” one day and you see someone pointing out what looks like a small garage door opener to their golden retriever. Wondering if he stepped on a movie set, watch for a minute to see what’s going on. The golden retriever sits up, a loud click is heard, and a treat is […]