Teacup Breeds – Are They Real?

There are so many breeders who sell so-called teacup dogs, but are they really the size of a teacup? Teacup dogs are dogs that are small enough to fit into a teacup, which gives rise to the name. They are growing smaller and smaller, because it is believed that that is what people want. Puppies whose size has been intentionally […]

Best Pet Adoption Websites

In the past 10 years, pet adoption websites have exploded in popularity and are now the most common way for people to find their next best friend. We believe in supporting local animal shelters, but for those who are short on time, using pet adoption websites can help you “match up” with your next pet in a more efficient way. […]

Information about the Siberian husky for breeders and buyers

The Siberian husky is a purebred dog recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC) as a breed in 1930. The Siberian husky is a descendant of the “eskimo dog” or sled dog, and is also a member of the larger group of Spitz. dogs that derive from the Arctic. Its Spitz relative includes the Chow Chow and the Pomeranian. Its […]

Put money in the ground

The apartment is often the last thing on homeowners’ minds when moving or renovating. His eyes go to furniture, bedding, appliances, and accessories. However, the floor is the first thing to consider when moving or improving your home. The floor is the foundation – a strong, durable floor with a long life will make you feel safe and save you […]

Promotion of puppies, kittens and fleas

Welcome to my zoo. We have two dogs, two cats, two guinea pigs, fish, and whatever animals we are raising at the time. Our foster care experience started a couple of years ago when we helped our local animal shelter against death. The shelter used to find kittens and puppies in some of the strangest places, where they were left […]

Different breeds of black cats

Superstition aside, you’ve decided you want a black cat. Here is information and a list of the various breeds of black cats for you to choose from. Decide what personality traits and attributes you want in your cat. Bombay cat The Bombay cat is the only breed of cat that is completely black. There are no other recognized deviations; the […]

Teacup Kittens: the smallest kitten in the world

Not all cats that are advertised as miniature are teacup kittens. Keep in mind that the standard size cat will weigh between 11 and 14 pounds. The standard size male cat will weigh between 12 and 17 pounds. A teacup-sized cat will weigh between 3 and 6.5 pounds and a teacup-sized male will weigh between 3 and 7.5 pounds. This […]

Simplified dog training: train your puppy on a leash

Young puppies, like toddlers, learn best if you start working with them early and are consistent. Their brains evolve at an astonishing rate, creating new connections and memory pathways. is when they learn the fastest. If you want a growing puppy to walk quietly by your side, now is the time to start leash training your puppy! I have found […]

Pros and cons of raising a puppy or dog

If you knew more about what raising a puppy or dog entails and the benefits it brings, would that be something you would consider? The primary goal of parenting is to temporarily house and prepare a puppy or dog for adoption. Like everything in life, there are pros and cons. Decisions must be made before committing to raising an animal. […]