Internal rate of return: in simple terms

The Internal Rate of Return (or IRR) is generally one of the most popular rates of return used by real estate investors trying to measure the financial performance of a rental property because it calculates the time value of money. Therefore, because it provides an association between the present value and the future value of the income stream, it allows […]

Everything real estate investors need to know about the debt-to-income ratio for loan application approval

Profitable real estate investment is subject to accurate knowledge about many things. For example: Thorough and accurate knowledge of real estate investment best practices. The purchase of any investment property for sale cannot be possible without a complete knowledge about the political and financial market events. You need to keep an eye on events like Brexit and the newly introduced […]

Top 10 Renovation Tips

Having completed a renovation in Albury, on behalf of a client who lived remotely, I needed someone to manage the process for them. I thought it was a good time to reflect and pass on some advice for all you aspiring renovators out there who want to tackle it for themselves. 1. Start with the end in mind What I […]

Owning Rental Properties: Positives and Negatives

Many people look at those who own and/or operate investment/rental properties, and wonder, wouldn’t it be great to do it themselves? While some individuals and properties make a lot of sense, others don’t! Like most things in life, owning an investment property has positives and negatives, and you owe it to yourself to fully consider, with your eyes wide open, […]

The hidden cost of paperwork in solar projects

According to a recent report, the cost per watt of a PV array increases by about $1 per watt due to the extensive paperwork required to permit, complete, and finance it. According to Steven Chan, director of strategy for Suntech Power Holdings, permitting from state and local regulatory agencies, filling out inspection reports, and applying for the myriad solar rebates […]

10 Phases of Swimming Pool Construction

Building an inground pool is the culmination of 10 different phases of pool construction. This article will give you a brief understanding of the build cycle. And it all starts with the desire to have a pool in your own backyard. design engineering The first place most homeowners look for qualified pool contractors is the local phone book and word […]

Real Estate Investment Series: Focus Ghana 2007

Ghana’s property market is a direct reflection of the state of the West African nation itself in that it is emerging, developing, has immense potential but is constrained by serious fundamental issues related to issues such as poor transparency in property registration. property deeds and a lack of affordable housing finance. solutions locally. The best approach to take with Ghana […]

different types of faucet

Bib-tap Usually finished in brass but also available in chrome. It has a horizontal entrance. Brass taps with a threaded outlet for a hose connector are often used as garden taps. The inlet has a BSP male thread. The faucet often connects to a wall plate elbow for mechanical security. sink-tap Often chrome finish. It has vertical entry. A locknut […]

What you need to know about foreclosure and its stages

Mortgage’s trial: A foreclosure occurs when a property owner is unable to make their loan payments. If a homeowner can’t keep up with the payments, they simply have to sign over the property to the bank that holds the mortgage on the home. A bank can initiate a foreclosure action against the owner. They can sell or repossess (take possession […]