5 benefits of working from home and having a home-based business

The home-based business trend is really exploding. And, with good reason. The flexibility and profitability of working from home is tremendous. Besides the fact that you can get up when you want and wear what you want, there are many other advantages to working from home and having a home based business. Benefit #1: Increased Productivity Working from home allows […]

What you need to know about commercial property management

Now that you’ve made an offer to purchase commercial property and are waiting to close on escrow, you may want to start looking for a property manager to professionally manage the property. Your real estate investment advisor should introduce you to 2-3 local companies, each with their own proposition. Your job is to decide which company you will hire. The […]

What is the purpose of a title company?

What is a Title Company? Let’s start first by identifying what a Title Company actually is… According to the definition of “textbook”, a Title Company is: A company that checks the property title for links, Any problem fixed, and ease smooth property closing while making sure the purchase is processed correctly. Now, that’s the best textbook definition I could find. […]

Why You Shouldn’t Own Mutual Funds

Taxes take a big chunk out of taxable mutual funds (MFs). Recent tax relief laws are finally coming to an end and investors would be wise to keep an eye on one of the main obstacles to performance, taxes. A key reason mutual funds have paid such large taxable distributions in recent years is because they can no longer pass […]

More real estate problems ahead?

Economists say the end is near. Realtors say we’ve hit rock bottom. The problem is that all these guesses are in fact just that… guesses. The indicative factors say that we are at the end of this nasty recession and I think so too, but there are other hurdles that we need to get over first. As most buyers are […]

The importance of hiring a property management company

In this age of independence and fend for yourself mentality, it is inevitable that a property owner will think they will do just fine on their own. Sure, you have tenants who at first pay on time until gradually they don’t, some break the contract and terms of the lease, then they cause problems with neighbors and other tenants, then […]

Mortgage Refinance Calculator

Homeowners use this type of calculator to determine if monthly mortgage payments can be lowered. The best mortgage refinancing calculator is one that has a simple interface through which you enter information. With a high-quality calculator, you can cover all financial metrics related to mortgage refinancing. The owner must be able to get the results from him through multiple means. […]