Do I need an LLC for my rental property?

LLCs and real estate seem to go hand in hand these days. Anyone you talk to who ventures into real estate investing understands the need for liability protection, but may not understand the proper way to protect yourself. Your broker may have told you that an umbrella policy will work, but I have a different opinion. Using an entity to […]

What to consider before buying a vacation home as a retiree

Retirees look forward to spending time relaxing, traveling, and spending time with friends and family. They often combine these activities to buy a vacation home. But making this type of purchase can be a big step for people who live on a fixed income or are unsure about taking out a mortgage in their later years. If you are considering […]

Mobile homes: boxes that spit out cash

Whether you call them trailers, mobile homes, or more accurately, manufactured homes, they are worth incorporating into your real estate investment plan. Manufactured homes are the most affordable type of housing available and there is a huge demand for affordable housing in the United States today. Consider that in December 2004, the median price for a home built on the […]

What are the dangers of love leases in real estate investing?

There are certain dangers in existing leases with existing tenants when you are contemplating purchasing a rental property or Single Family Home (SFH). While most investors buy single-family homes in bulk, rehab, or wholesale, many other investors see an income stream from a property as their goal. When buying a property without a tenant in the property, closing is straightforward. […]

Simple keys to winning at the REO Mess bank

In the tumultuous housing market that has been dominating the past few years, there are losers and winners. Those who have lost their homes to foreclosures certainly know full well what economic conditions have precipitated the housing crisis, including rising interest rates and payments, falling home values, and loss of income, and, sometimes employment. However, some investors and homeowners have […]

Building a Duplex: Tips and Tricks

Investment property in Australia is a hot commodity; Not only can you increase your real estate investment portfolio, but you can also use your investment property to earn additional income for your family. One of the ways to accumulate investment property is to buy or build a duplex or other dual-occupancy property. A double occupancy residence can be self-contained or […]

How Safe is a Self-Directed IRA for Investors?

If you are considering getting a retirement plan, your first step is deciding which particular plan to choose. For the record, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that the self-directed IRA is the best possible option out there. It is incredibly safe to keep funds within a self-directed IRA because such an account is not only allowed, but […]

Unusual warning signs

Private companies use warning signs in the workplace to protect employees from potential hazards. They are also used on public roads in the form of traffic signs. A traffic warning sign indicates a hazard that may not be apparent on the road. As an international standard, in most countries road traffic tends to take the form of an equilateral triangle […]

Information on public services for the purchase of vacant land

After participating in more than $ 50,000,000.00 (fifty million dollars) in land sales, I have learned that buying land that already has utilities installed is one of the best purchases you can make. In my experience, less than 5% of the vacant land available has utilities already installed. Plus, installing utilities is one of the biggest expenses you’ll pay to […]