Relationships between older women and younger men

A 2003 study revealed that 34 percent of all women over 40 in the survey were dating younger men, and 35 percent preferred dating older men. Another recent study found that in recent years, 25 percent of brides have been younger than their boyfriends. Finally, in a recent Cosmopolitan poll, 29.3 percent of men said they would date an older […]

Professional Sports Schools and Ivy League

Many high school athletes choose a college based on the likelihood that the one they choose will increase their chances for a professional career. Similarly, many high school students choose a school based on the likelihood that it will help them rise to the top of their chosen field after completing their studies. You may have heard that less than […]

Cheerleaders in Professional Basketball: An Overview

Cheerleaders in professional basketball leagues like the NBA are very similar to cheerleaders found in professional soccer leagues. Squads are usually made up of dance teams or cheer squads and the focus is on the support of the team they are cheering for. Cheerleading teams on professional basketball teams, like those on professional soccer teams, spend a lot of time […]

GS Warrior MVP this season is Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry has everything new around him: a new season and a new coach. Despite all these developments, he has reaffirmed that he is the Most Valuable Player of GS Warriors. New coaching decisions The GS Warriors faced many questions in the 2014-15 NBA season. The team lost a 2013-14 first-round playoff series to the Los Angeles Clippers in seven […]

These walls must fall

Suddenly, the walls collapsed! Woof! The barriers were completely removed. All these obstacles that you see on your way today will vanish. Yes they will. It will happen suddenly, totally, quickly and unexpectedly. You will search for them after reading this message and you will not see them anymore. Nothing can block your blessings again. God has blessed you and […]

There is more than one type of breast cancer: the silent killer (IBC)

The more you understand about any topic, the more interesting it becomes. As you read this article, you will discover that the topic of IBCs is certainly no exception. Women have been told and frequently reminded by advertisements, doctors, women’s magazines, etc., that they should periodically examine their breasts for a lump or lumps. If anything is found, they should […]

Space Derby – How to Win in a Fun Cub Scout Activity

Last Saturday, my 8-year-old son participated in his first Space Derby with his Cub Scout pack. Many Cub Scout boys, parents, siblings, and leaders attended the event. What is a space derby? Well, it’s probably a little different than you imagined. Each Cub Scout receives a Space Derby kit through their Cub Scout package. The kit consists of balsa wood […]