Highest Value O-Pee-Chee Rookie Hockey Cards from 1968-69

The 1968-69 O-Pee-Chee hockey card game marked the company’s first NHL production since 1940-41. This was the first time the 1967 NHL expansion teams were included in a set. Of course, Bobby Orr of the Boston Bruins leads the way when it comes to value. The top four rookie cards are not far behind and feature some pretty impressive hockey […]

Elementary to Middle School Transition – Study Strategies

The transition from elementary school to middle or high school can be a frightening experience for many students. After all, for many children, this is the first time they will be moving from one class to another without a teacher or chaperone. Students will learn from a variety of teachers with different specialties and teaching techniques. Also, they will mingle […]

thanksgiving football

fun and games they are always an unavoidable part of entertainment for young and old alike. People in the United States celebrate this festival of charitable giving through their avid participation in the game of football which brings waves of pure joy and delight in the hearts of multitudes of football fans who are crazed by football mania during this […]

NFL news and notes

The New England Patriots continue to lose players on defense, most recently safety Rodney Harrison against the Pittsburgh Steelers yesterday. But, true to form, kicker Adam Vinateri does your big kick (again) with the game on the line. Yes, indeed, despite losing key players and both coordinators, Bill Bellichick is still putting the pieces together and the Champions continue. Speaking […]

15 tips and tricks for a super clean home

We all hate cleaning, well most of us, so it’s no surprise that we often look for ways to make it simpler and easier. Fortunately, there are a few of these ways – there are at least 15 here! Whether you clean your house constantly or just need to do it because you expect visitors, these simple tricks can make […]

Top 10 US female tennis players of all time

By Gerry Stork The Williams sisters proved once again at the US Open… Serena by winning it and Venus by getting closer to defeating her… why they are the two best US tennis players to ever step on the court . In every tournament they both enter, you realize that only one player can beat them… and that’s the other […]

Will Yasiel Puig be able to overcome his questionable past?

Los Angeles Dodgers star young outfielder Yasiel Puig is undoubtedly one of the most exciting baseball prospects emerging in MLB right now, but his constant antics and shady past may greatly hinder his potential success. on the sport. While many people know about his Cuban origin, what recently came to light is a terrifying story of a daring escape and […]

Most Overrated Fantasy Football Players of 2015

Overrated fantasy football players aren’t necessarily players who will struggle this season. They are players who are selected too high in the draft compared to their predicted production versus players at the same position who are selected much lower. Successful fantasy football team owners are the owners who recognize the value in every round and select accordingly. There is no […]