Who will win the big game? Characteristics that can determine the NBA and NHL champions

The 2009-2010 NBA Finals and the NHL Stanley Cup Finals are underway. What factors ultimately determine the championships? What characteristics could help decide which team will win the ultimate prize? Sports fans may be interested in the sports analytics in this article. Sports organizations and executives may be interested in learning more about our research projects and how we can […]

AFC South off-season changes

Indianapolis Colts: The Colts are another team with too many wide receivers and most of them can start on any team. However, that didn’t stop them from using their first-round pick on ANOTHER receiver. After seeing how his defense was beaten up by quality offenses last year, you would have thought all the top picks would be spent on defense, […]

What’s so comforting about comfort food?

Whether you’ve been dumped or had another fight with your boss at work, nothing makes you feel better than comfort food (and maybe some wine). For decades, scientists have done their best to find clear differences between foods that affect your brain chemistry and foods that make you feel better. Foods that belong to the last group are known as […]

Filmmaking courses to start a career in filmmaking

Many people dream of a glamorous career in filmmaking and wonder which filmmaking courses will best help them get started. Before enrolling in film school, take some time to be realistic about what you can hope to accomplish. Although the film industry employs thousands of people, it can still be one of the most difficult industries to enter. In addition […]

2013 NFL Fantasy Football Rookie Impact

After the season is over, loyal NFL fans look forward to April of each year to see what gifts the NFL draft will bring them. Of course, the NFL will extend that wait until May starting next season. No matter what position your team is drafting, you always expect them to find gems to plug those holes or find the […]

Book Review – Quiet Strength by Tony Dungy

A lot of people know Tony Dungy as the NFL head coach who brought Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts to the Super Bowl in 2007. You may also know from watching him on television as the announcer and just by his mannerisms that he is a decent guy. . But many of us have no idea of ​​his upbringing […]

Make your own wipe solution

Wipes solutions are so easy to make and can save you money too! Use them to clean sticky hands and dirty faces, as well as dirty bottoms. Unlike commercial wipes, these recipes do not contain alcohol or chemicals and they smell good. Use these recipes on wet wipes or make your own disposable wipes and save even more money! To […]

Serena Williams Bio – Helpful Information!

However, it is really difficult to explain the biography of Serena Williams in a single article, but here we are trying to give some general information about her. As we all know, Serena Jameka Williams is a famous tennis player with 25 grand slam titles in her kitty. Born on September 26, 1981 in Saginaw, Michigan, she was raised by […]