Covert hypnosis: casting a secret spell to make people follow all your orders

Covert hypnosis is exactly what it sounds like: the ability to hypnotize without being obvious. There is nothing subtle about hanging a pocket watch in front of someone’s eyes and muttering phrases like “you’re very sleepy.”

Luckily, you don’t need a pocket watch or clever phrases to cast a spell on people. All you need are clever manipulation skills, and covert hypnosis offers you exactly that.

Communicating with another person’s subconscious is not as intimidating as it sounds. It takes place on a daily basis, usually through a phenomenon known as ‘conversational hypnosis’.

The intention of covert hypnosis is to change the behavior or thought pattern of another person through specific methods. These methods range from every word spoken to every gesture made.

A covert hypnosis teacher displays a certain facial expression or makes a specific gesture, while at the same time understanding that these acts of body language have an ulterior motive: to make the other person think in their own way. The expert master of covert hypnosis will not make your intentions obvious.

If you think this is second-tier pop science, consider this: Covert hypnosis is practiced every day. You have probably practiced it yourself on one level, and you have certainly been the unwitting participant on another.

Due to its subtlety, you don’t even realize it. However, once you do, you will be able to take full control of the situations in your life.

A master of covert hypnosis could be anyone from the charming man at the table calming the mood to the car salesman at the used car lot.

Pressuring someone to buy a car is one thing. Convincing them to decide for themselves that they need one is another. That’s the difference between simple manipulation and clever covert hypnosis.

You most likely already have the skills to practice covert hypnosis; we all do, up to a point. But there are a few tricks of the trade to help you develop and hone the ability to use covert hypnosis easily and effectively. That is, the power of observation, the ability to reflect and the ability to launch subtle commands:

The power of observation.

To skillfully manipulate others through covert hypnosis, you must be a master of observation.

You must build a relationship with the people whose intentions you want to change, and the only way to do that is to see who they are. What are their motivations? What irritates them? What turns them on? Once you learn these things, you are halfway there.

Mirror without mocking.

To make a subconscious connection with someone, you need to feel that you are on their wavelength. It is not enough to agree with what he says or to throw compliments, that can seem pretentious and annoying.

Instead, they actually GET at their wavelength by reflecting them. If they speak softly, you speak softly. If you speak with your hands, you speak with your hands. If he leans back in his chair, you lie in yours.

You can’t make it obvious. After a few minutes, they will feel a strange connection with you, even if they don’t know why.

Send without domain.

When we think of someone who is in command of another person, we usually visualize him hovering over them, waving a finger across their face, and barking orders. But the commands don’t require domain.

One of the most fascinating aspects of covert hypnosis is the fact that the subject is unaware of what is happening. This works to your advantage. Why? Because when a person thinks they have made a decision of their own free will, they reduce resistance.

Commanding someone as an undercover hypnotist doesn’t involve a long list of orders. It means giving subtle clues to convert someone on your way. Let’s say you are having a conversation with a potential love interest.

After a while of observing and reflecting, you say something like, ‘Isn’t it great to feel a connection with someone from the beginning? I love being comfortable when I meet someone new. ‘

Doesn’t sound like a great command, does it? But what you’re really saying is: ‘Feel a connection. To feel comfortable. ‘

The benefits of sharpening your subtle manipulation skills are endless. Sit back and think about how your life could change if you could control the intentions and motivations of others.

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