CPR for dogs

Today I was reading the newspaper and I came across an interesting article about rescuing a dog. In West Monroe LA, a firefighter performed mouth-to-muzzle resuscitation and revived a small dog he found lifeless inside a burning mobile home. I was very impressed that this firefighter, Stephen “Odie” Odom, walked into the burning house when he was told there were 2 dogs inside. When he entered, he found two tiny terriers in pet cages in a smoky room. These were small dogs, and she had the presence of mind to give him CPR and revive him.

Giving CPR to a small dog would be similar to giving CPR to a baby. The first thing one seeks is to clear the airways and then cover the mouth and nose with the mouth and breathe. In adult humans we cover our noses and breathe from mouth to mouth. But for a baby, we would cover both the mouth and the nose at once. There were two things that the owners of the house did not do well.

First they left the house with their small dogs locked in dog cages so that the puppies could not run away and save themselves. Dog owners need to take proper care of their dogs and could have brought them themselves. As excited as I am that dogs were safe, I believe that dog owners need to take care of their babies, especially if they are detained and contained, and cannot find freedom on their own.

My daughter owns this cute puppy, Kate, who is a mix of Maltese and Yorkie, and he is so adorable! We only put it in the box when the family is away from home. When he spends time with me, he knows that he will be free for most of the day. I hated putting it in the box. But it’s just so he doesn’t destroy the house looking for his family. She is terrified of thunderstorms and will run under the covers and shiver, and we hold her tight to let her know that she is the most important baby there.

I am so relieved that the firefighter has come in at the right time to be able to rescue the puppies. With babies, CPR is similar. He covers his mouth and nose and breathes; chest compressions can be given with 2 fingers. Should pets be kept in their cages during the day? Yes, but if there are any signs of trouble, we owe it to the responsible party to get them out of harm’s way. Pet carriers or cages are suitable for keeping a pet. There are nice soft bed mats to keep the puppies comfortable. I pray they don’t have lingering problems. Small dogs tend to have more respiratory problems than larger animals. I just want to congratulate the firefighter for saving the lives of these little puppies.

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