Do you have to use the slow cooker for healthy cooking? think again

Slow cooking sounds like a convenient way to cook, especially for those who don’t have the time to care for their food while it cooks. Recipes like bone broth, soups, and stews are commonly cooked in slow cookers. All you need to do is put all the ingredients in the pot and let it simmer for hours. At the end of the day, you will find it ready to serve. It’s not convenient? But it has a price.

Why Conventional Clay Pots Are Unhealthy

Conventional slow cookers are mostly made of metal or ceramic. Both leach into food as it cooks. These metallic toxins react with nutrients in food (food is a biochemical entity) and heat acts as a catalyst. When you keep eating such foods, you bring harmful changes to your body’s organs, tissues, and blood. And you should be familiar with how certain diseases sometimes appear despite eating healthy: these toxins contribute to it!

Slow Cooking Destroys Nutrients: A Scientific Investigation

Long hours of cooking, even below 220°F, do a lot of nutrient damage. Scientific research conducted on the amino acid lysine found in peanuts showed these results:

Twenty percent was found to cook after an hour and a half of exposure to 150°F heat. After two and a half hours, 40% was lost. According to World’s Healthiest Foods, most vitamins have less heat stability than this amino acid. Therefore, higher percentage losses of many vitamins can be expected when cooked at 200°F for six to eight hours.

Pure Clay Pots – Make your slow cooker recipes healthy

Pure clay is a natural, non-toxic and inert material: the food is free of metals and its nutrients remain intact. These unglazed pots are known for their food-safe far-infrared heat, as it doesn’t destroy the delicate nutrients in your food. They are excellent heat retainers – you can cook the same recipes in an easier and healthier way and in half the time.

In essence, the food cooked in these pots turns out to be rich in nutrients, nourishing your body and keeping deficiencies at bay. Now that you’re no longer slowly poisoning the body with pot toxins, the immune system works better and keeps health problems at bay. Some have claimed that they even cure diabetes just by switching to these healthy pots, and why not, only nature can truly cure you and pure clay pots are nothing but gifts of nature!

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