Five Reasons to Choose Custom Cabinets Over Manufactured

No one knows your home better than you, so don’t let one-size-fits-all furniture spoil your vision. Make sure you are aware of some of the distinctive benefits of choosing custom cabinets over standard models:

1. Built to fit the layout of your home

Every home is distinctive, but manufactured cabinets will force you to measure in sectional increments that may not meet your needs. Not only can this get in the way of your storage options, forcing you to squeeze things out or leave empty spaces, it can also ruin a room’s aesthetics. Tall rooms can be out of proportion with a squat setup, while a long bench can be cluttered by too many narrow doors.

Custom cabinets, on the other hand, are designed to fit the dimensions of your kitchen. This ensures that you have all the space you need to organize utensils, spices, dry goods, etc. to your liking, and that the storage blends seamlessly into the room.

2. Maximize your space

While an eye-pleasing installation is important, cabinets are first and foremost storage space for everything from cookware and dishes to utensils. An added bonus of having custom cabinets for your kitchen dimensions means that you will be able to make great use of the space you have. A small or uncomfortable room can be saved by clever settings that hide everything when you’re not using it. Unused space behind the refrigerator or oven can be reclaimed as a convenient storage for pots and pans with deep, tall cabinets.

3. Expertly designed and built to last

It’s true that buying factory-made products is cheaper up front, but that doesn’t mean you’re getting the best possible value. The true value is determined by the skill and effort that a craftsman puts into his product.

The basis of a good cabinet is carpentry. Joining options range from simple butt or lap joints to more stable dovetail, box or tenon joints. Inexpensive mass-produced designs are more likely to be built using butt joints with only one block glued together for reinforcement, while stronger options require more time to build, as well as the attention of an experienced carpenter.

Custom cabinets are also built with better materials, such as plywood instead of particle board, as well as durable and stylish veneers designed for long-term use and quality.

You can save money in the short term by opting for the cheaper option of mass production, but carpenters who take pride in their work will build custom cabinets that resist wear and tear and offer a better long-term investment (not to mention increased home value. ).

4. Reflect your own style

In some ways, the home is the ultimate expression of personal style, so you want to make sure that every item in your home is exactly how you like it. Custom cabinets provide versatility that allows you to precisely design the elegant cabinet you have in mind, and since everything is built to order, you never have to worry about availability or mismatches that a manufactured set might impose on you.

5. Nothing you won’t wear

Finally, one of the best things about having your cabinets custom built is that you will be able to specify exactly what features you do and do not want. Customizing the cabinets means that if you want to add a spice rack or trash drawer it’s always an option, but buying stocks means you can be left with unnecessary components that you didn’t want and that you are also missing the ones you need.

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