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For many, the arrival of spring means only one thing: baseball season, with baseball fever often gripping those who play or coach the game. During the winter, baseball players tap their bats and grease their new hard gloves before the warm weather so they can hit the diamond and refresh their skills.

Throwing and catching are by far the most universal skills in the game, as every position on the field must be able to do them so well they could practically do them in their sleep. This year, add some variety to your baseball practice by including some of the following free baseball drills that focus on improving your players’ pitching and receiving skills.

Go long!

the first of the free baseball drills it is for gardeners in particular. The Long Toss drill is a great way to lengthen players’ throwing distances and develop arm strength for players, especially those who throw with a pushing motion. To start the drill, divide your team into partners standing across from each other about 30 feet apart. Whenever possible, associate players with similar throw distances.

Have partner lunge and catch. When they successfully make 5 throws and catch each one without missing a single one, have each player step back 5 feet, or the length of a giant step. Continue until the players can no longer perform the throws without problems.

The next of the free baseball drills rewards players with quick reflexes. The fast hand drill is set up similar to the long throw drill mentioned above: with players in pairs and standing facing each other about 30 feet apart. The drill begins with a blast on the whistle and partners must toss the ball back and forth to each other as fast as they can.

As each catch is made, have the player call out the number of catches. Whichever pair can throw the most catches in a 30-second period, which is marked by another whistle signal, is the winner. If either player misses a catch, his count resets to zero. As your team improves, have them start to spread out further. This exercise is great for fostering some healthy competition among your team.

running wild

Finally, we have the Base Throw drill, which teaches players precise throwing and bunt procedures during a run to second base. To set up the drill, place a fielder at first and second base. Divide the remaining players into two groups, placing one group behind first base and the other behind second.

The drill begins with the sound of his whistle and all the players except the fielders start running wild between first and second base. During this drill, the fielders must tag as many players as possible. As soon as a player is touched, he must leave the field. The fielders have one minute to tag as many players as possible. This drill forces your fielders to think quickly and react quickly during a high-pressure situation.

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