Functional principle of dimmable LED floor lamps

LED floor lamps with dimmable functions have transformed spaces, bringing a touch of contemporary style. In combination with other lighting, they help to improve the decoration of living spaces. Dimmable LED floor lamps greatly help to dim the light intensity. LEDs are some of the most energy efficient lighting units. Here’s a closer look at how a dimmable LED floor lamp works.

Pulse width modulation attenuation method

It is important to understand that despite the dim light appearance, LEDs do not actually emit dim light. The LEDs operate in two modes: ON and OFF. So, effectively, what is observed as dim light is actually light that is emitted in pulses at alternate intervals. This pulsation of the light is controlled by the regulator, which determines the intervals and intensity of the pulsation.

Pulse frequency designed to create the effect of continuous light with the naked eye.

Pulsating light should ideally appear as interrupted light pulses with intervals of darkness in between; more like a flickering lamp or wick. However, a flickering light is definitely not the ideal light for floor lamps. A floor lamp requires continuous light, therefore PWM LEDs are designed to emit light in pulses at a high speed, which will create the effect of continuous light.

New look – Dimmable LED floor lamp

A perfect dimmable LED floor lamp offers a warm amber glow to transform the ambience of your room. The dimmer feature allows you to adjust the light to be emitted at levels ranging from bright task lighting to soft, soft and cozy tones. The fascinating designs of the dimmable floor lamps help to enhance the aesthetics of the interiors. Sleek and compact designs help create wonderful lighting from amazing light fixtures.

The operating principle incorporates analog technique

Analog dimming technique is the underlying principle used to dim LED floor lamps. The direct current supplied to the LED bulb is controlled and the linear power supply to the bulb causes the dimming effect. Due to temperature changes, the light emitted by low-quality dimmable LED bulbs may lack intensity, so it is important to choose high-quality dimmable LED bulbs.

Challenges for dimmable LEDs to flourish

There are demands for LED manufacturers to develop dimmable LED bulbs. However, it should be noted that users generally like to keep their accessories, and there is a need for manufacturers to develop LED bulbs that can be retrofitted. Although the technology is relatively new, it has been proven time and again that it works with maximum efficiency. The demand for dimmable LED bulbs is increasing and the day is not far off when LED bulbs will reign supreme in the lighting world with their designs, features, durability and cost savings.

The digital age has also brought exciting possibilities for network controlled lighting and wireless controls. The main dimming methods are TRIAC dimming, PWM dimming, and linear dimming. It’s time to light up in style and take style to the levels that exist in the most creative minds.

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