Get the most out of your digital camera today!

Point and click. The new life of digital cameras gives us all the opportunity to capture images on the go. Whether you simply press the shutter button to take pictures of your friends and family or you want to have your camera with you at all times to capture the beauty of life wherever you find it, getting the most out of your digital camera can be easy. .

Let’s imagine having the perfect digital camera setup and some accessories to get it right. My personal and professional recommendation is that we start with memory. Get more today. If you only have one memory card for your camera, it’s time to add it to the collection. If you have more than one, great job! The more memory you have for your digital camera, the less likely you are to get stuck in wanting to take more photos and run out of more storage space. Memory is relatively inexpensive, doesn’t take up space on your computer, and gives you full control over creativity.

Your camera comes with a variety of quality settings to work with when taking pictures. Don’t use TIFF, leave it at one of the medium quality level settings and your camera will take good pictures for you and it won’t eat up all of your memory. If you use the highest setting, you will get very few images on your card. For the most part, they will be very high quality, but you will only want to shoot at that level of quality if you intend to make high-quality, large-format prints of your images.

Now if that kid of yours is so insanely cute and your wall is itching for a portrait of his glowing face, then do it in the best quality. The key will be to use good image processing software and then a printer that can make a high quality, large format print of your image. They exist and for reasonable prices I could add.

At a recent art show in my neighborhood, I was surprised to be looking at a photographer’s exhibit of large prints (18×24 and up) and discover that he now shoots exclusively digitally. He was a former film photographer who changed in recent years and now makes impressive prints from his digital images. His landscape images were simply amazing and finding out that he took them with a good digital camera made me very curious about the process, but that is the subject of another article.

Juice is the answer to your next question. Always have more juice. I spent 20 years in the television news business and my mantra was always to have extra batteries ready to go and an extra tape under the back seat in case of an emergency. For television cameras, the batteries were always large and heavy rechargeable NiCads. Lithium batteries are all the rage today as they are lighter, have no memory problems, and last longer. Digital cameras can take advantage of lithium batteries, but the cost is usually a bit prohibitive for most of us. Some camera systems use proprietary battery systems. I would recommend not buying that type of system. Try to buy a camera that uses universal types of batteries like AA. I use a camera that takes AA and I have three sets of rechargeable batteries so I can turn them around and never fall short. The total cost of three sets of batteries is about $ 30 and they will last you several years if you treat them right. If you only buy regular AA batteries and take a lot of pictures, the cost of the battery could triple that over a similar period of time.

Edison did it and now we consider him a genius. Experimentation is the name of the game. Digital imaging costs you nothing more than time and a bit of battery life. Play games and take lots of photos of things, people, events, whatever. Look at magazines, newspapers and see what images you find interesting. Try taking photos like that yourself so you can see how it’s done. This will make you think about how to improve your daily vaccinations. Find new and different ways to frame things, take a vertical and horizontal photo of the same thing, and watch it change perspective. Zoom in or out on the subject to see which one looks better. Find something unique about your subject and find a way to exploit it for a better image. Here is an example, let’s say for example you have a great looking car that you want a photo of, well don’t stand across the street and zoom in on the car, get closer with the sun behind you so that the car is sparkling shiny and fills the entire picture frame. Find your best feature and the center that in the shot says the impressive lines of the front of the car or the elegant wheels.

Print something from your camera every week to remind you of the beauty of everyday things. Take photos all the time, choose one, print it, and then put it in front of you for a day or a week. Live life as if you want beauty around you all the time. If you are madly in love, surround yourself with images of that love. If you live in a beautiful place, take all the time to make sure you never forget how special it is to be there in your life. Do not let those images hide and not be seen. The wallpaper on your computer can be another place to put your weekly picture, change it regularly with pictures of your family, work, life, hobby and you will get more smiles and more joy from your camera than you know what to do. My current wallpaper takes me back to a wonderful day on a mountain lake last summer, paddling kayaks in the afternoon breeze. How about yours?

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