How to choose the right pool table

When choosing a pool table for your home, it is important to consider many key elements of the table. When choosing a new table, people tend to forget how much space they actually take up. Most tables come in the following dimensions: 7 ‘- 39 “x 78”, 8’ – 44 “x 88”, 9 ‘- 50 “x 100”. However, these are just table top measurements, which means up to a foot should be added to the length and width depending on the width of the rails.

When the correct size board has been found, it is important to consider other critical aspects of its design. The table legs must be made of solid wood; This construction has been the same for generations and provides the table with great support and stability. The legs can also have decorative carvings that add to the look of the table and probably the price.

The table frame used to be made entirely of solid wood, this gave it great stability but made the table quite heavy. More modern tables use MDF board as a lighter way to build the frame; Although MDF board is lighter, it still has the same strength as old wood construction.

The board is the next important part of the chart to consider. The slate comes in one sheet or in three separate slabs; These tiles form the playing surface of the table, so it must be level and smooth. Most tables have a one-inch thick board because that’s the one the BCA uses for tournaments.

The rails must be constructed of solid wood as they provide the correct amount of rebound that the BCA requires, they must also have the approved K-66 profile designated by the BCA. Along with the profile, the rails should have a tack strip, this helps keep the rail level with the board and provides the proper amount of tension for the ball to bounce.

Lastly, the pockets come in three different types, plastic, rubber, and leather. Plastic pockets are typically used on lower end tables, while rubber is used on commercial tables. However, the typical homeowner usually has leather pockets. These give the table a better look and add value. Leather pockets can also come with a shield or decorative stripe, although it doesn’t make any technical difference for the table, armored pockets tend to cost more – it all comes down to customer preference.

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