How to sell a script

Are you wondering how to sell a script? Even before screenwriters have written their script, they often research how to sell a script. Make sure your script is entertaining and the characters are interesting. More importantly, read the dialogue from the script out loud and ask yourself if these characters would really talk like that. If you can honestly say that your script is entertaining and would make a great movie, then you should take the right steps to bring it to the big screen. These steps will not be easy by any means. In fact, it’s much harder to sell a script than it is to write a script. So you’ll have a lot more work to do once you’ve written the entire script. But in the end, it will be worth it.

There are multiple ways on how to sell a script. The most common way is to try to pitch your script to the producers by sending them a query letter and a copy of your script in the mail. The idea here is that you want a producer to become as familiar with your story as possible. If they like your idea, they can opt-in, which basically means they’ll pay you a certain amount of money to temporarily hold the rights to your story. This doesn’t necessarily mean they’re going to make it into a feature film. All it means is that you cannot sell your idea or even share your script with any other third party. The option is a contract that can last six months, a year, or possibly even longer. Make sure you understand the duration of the option before accepting it and accepting a payment.

Another option for how to sell a script that some screenwriters pursue is to pre-sell with a film distributor, which is someone who markets films and pitches new script ideas to producers. They can act as go-betweens when trying to sell the script. Because they have more connections and know more producers in the film industry, some screenwriters find it worthwhile to go to a distributor to sell their script.

To get the backing of a distributor, you usually need to have a director or actors already attached to the project. If you are a newcomer with no connections, it will be more difficult to get a deal with a dealer. They are not agents and will not represent you. They just want to find a script that they know they can sell. So if it’s new and has no connections or attachments to the script, it’s probably not a good solution for selling a script. What you should try in this case is to submit your script in script contests, such as with Amazon Studios. In fact, they create five to six figure deals with writers who submit a high quality script.

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