How to write a business proposal that sells B2B

Many of my small business marketing clients want to know how to prepare a winning business proposal, especially a GREAT BUSINESS proposal, one that is going to win a contract with corporate clients!

My whole philosophy of being a Client Magnet is about attracting clients, that’s why they call you. So you don’t have to do all the time it takes to chase the customer. My philosophy is to remove the cold call scripts and have the customer answer the phone and say “will you partner with me?” … BUT there will be times when you will have to submit a proposal. Especially when it comes to corporate clients.

You can access many of my successful proposal samples and effective sample proposals. They are the same proposals that have worked for me to secure corporate contracts with organizations like Aviva, Sony and AIG. But first, let me share some of my top marketing tips to remember when preparing your business proposal for corporate clients.

Consider this sample guide of your business proposal:

1. Your business sales proposal must be a sales document.

Make sure you’re not relying on a meager one-page document with a price and an overview as a selling proposition – it should offer a lot more than that. The proposal should be a sales document that walks someone through the entire process and establishes it as the logical choice to help you with a particular problem or issue.

2. Build relationships within the corporate organization BEFORE submitting your proposal

Take EVERY opportunity to network with people within the corporate organization before submitting your business proposal. I suggest you visit the organization to … observe people at work, meet people informally, or conduct interviews. This is your chance to start making friends. You will also know the internal policy of the organization.

Another benefit of this contact is that it will give you insight into the concerns and issues within the organization and have the opportunity to address them within the proposal. That’s a great way to avoid delays and bottlenecks while your business proposal circulates.

3. Anticipate the kinds of questions your corporate client will ask AND address the questions in your proposal.

Once you’ve done your organizational research, it’s time to put yourself in your customer’s shoes. Make a list of questions your potential customer is likely to ask you. Then, as you prepare your proposal, from business to business, include an answer to any questions and objections that may arise. Make sure you commit a good offense in your proposal; It will certainly save you the difficult task of defending your business proposition as you work your way up the corporate hierarchy.

4. Avoid complacency – You want your business proposition to reach the decision makers

Even if you have a wonderful contact within a corporate organization and seem ready to hire, there is more than one person in larger companies making the decision. Make sure your proposal is not resting on the laurels of your welcoming contact relationship. Use your proposal to sell yourself to every person within the organization.

5. Don’t promote big changes

Now I know it sounds strange, but what scares customers is the very product that they are offering, and that is the change. Who wouldn’t want the change in your service, improve customer relationships, or increase sales?

I’ve done a lot of research on the psychological perspective of managers at both the top and middle levels, and one thing that really stands out is their fear of change. So how do you beat this Catch 22? Avoid using words that signal a big change on the horizon, words like transformation, or dramatic results. Use more conservative terminology to show how your product will fit perfectly within your organization.

How to Access Business Proposal Samples, Templates, and Examples – That Work in Real Life!

Now that I’ve covered a few basics, I really recommend that you look at some examples of real-life business proposals. I went through my files and compiled all of my winning sales proposals to provide you with real life business proposal examples that can be modified to suit your own business. They are all included in my Corporate Customer Attraction system. In addition to business proposal examples, you’ll have access to templates and many other important tips to help you win more business-to-business. Not only did I gather specific tips, such as ways to link your business proposal to improve your response rate, but you will discover the best methods to send your business proposal to your potential corporate client.

Take a look and you’ll see exactly what it takes to write a winning business proposal that makes b2b selling easy.

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