Importance of modern rescue tools

The art of safely extricating a trapped person from a narrow or small space without causing injury or further damage to life is called extrication and rescue tools are employed by trained personnel with extensive practical experience in handling accidental emergency situations. downpour and rescue operations. . The main importance of the rescue tool is to extract the trapped individual without creating uncontrolled movements that cause secondary injuries. Modern tools are high-performance hydraulic extraction tools that work to perform a variety of rescue operations, such as innovative stabilization, lighting, and ventilation.

In ancient times, rescuers used circular saws for car removal, however, the drawbacks of saws are that sparks are generated, making them unsafe and must be stopped for the sake of the victim. Halligan tools or pry bars were also used which were a threat to both the vehicle and the victims as they can inadvertently activate the vehicle’s airbags.

Modern rescue tools are a marvel of engineering as they are the life-saving tools for people trapped in cars or high-rise buildings that catch fire or suffer natural or unexpected accident. Hydraulic extraction rescue tools such as cutters, confined space cutters, glass cutters, face liner, rams, telegrams, spreaders, shoring tools, NT bags, SQ bags, LP bags, air bags, ventilation tools, sets of covers and rescue gloves are the modern rescue tools. employed by trained firefighters and technical personnel in rescue squads.

Natural calamities gave rise to the need for specialized tools and equipment capable of penetrating stone and concrete walls, finding trapped victims, reaching them in confined spaces and performing rescue operations. There are times when modern portable and versatile tools capable of performing the tasks required in rescue operations are urgently needed. In the rescue operation, the firefighter has to move the victim from the disaster site through these portable rescue tools and machines to a safe place in the blink of an eye. Unexpected accidents and disasters are incidents with varied outcomes and differ in the type and type of rescue operation required to save victims.

The rescue tool industry is still in its infancy and research operations are being idealized to develop cameras and audiovisual tools to see through concrete and stone walls, as well as communication devices that can hear and identify the voices of victims trapped under collapsed buildings. late. A rescue operation may fall into similar categories, such as entrapment rescue, collapse or confined space rescue, and impalement rescue, however incidents may also have their own individuality.

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