Networking Tips – It’s the Stupid Economy!

In the 1992 presidential campaign, Bill Clinton was the underdog to incumbent George HW Bush. President Bush was considered unbeatable due to his foreign policy successes, including the end of the Cold War and the defeat of Saddam Hussein in the first Gulf War. But Bush’s approval ratings began to slide as his campaign ignored the economic downturn. Clinton’s campaign slogan, “It’s The Economy Stupid,” turned the tide and Bill Clinton became the 42nd American president.

Today, once again, it is about the economy. It’s always about the economy, and more importantly, it’s about your economy!

Interest rates are rising, unemployment is rising, the housing market is falling, jobs are being outsourced overseas, and political decisions affect our economy. There is nothing you personally can do about it. You cannot control the national economy.

your own economy

You really only need to worry about your own economy: That’s the only economy that matters.

How much you earn depends on where and for whom you work. Your work controls your economy. Would you like to know how to control your own personal economy?

Dale Calvert recently, in one of his “MLM Minutes,” commented on the current increase in gas prices. He mentioned that people are looking for gas stations that are a penny or two cheaper per gallon. He asserts that this is not the answer to the economic situation. The answer is: make more money, then the price of gas (or anything else) will be irrelevant.

Rick thinks different.

Most people are caught up in the concept of “saving money” and saving pennies. The poor think that money has power and that if they are lucky, something will come their way.

This is what I call “stinkin thinking”.

The rich believe and accept the fact that they have the power over money to change and shape their lives as they please. Money does not control their lives, they own the money.

The more you start to think like the rich, the more apparent this mindset will become for you.

The secret of success

“You can only become truly successful at something you love. Don’t make money your goal. Instead, pursue the things you love to do and then do them so well that people can’t take their eyes off you.” Maya Angelou, poet, writer, speaker

Why you need to create your own economy

“The first thing people can do to increase their wealth is start a part-time business.” -Roberto Kiyosaki

Do the work, reap the rewards

IN. freedom of time – Time chasing money, leaving little time for anything else. It is a compromise between achieving success and the price you and your family pay for it. Wouldn’t you rather work your business around your life?

b. Financial Freedom – No matter how much money you make, if you have to give your life just to get it, you are a hired servant. You must have a financial vehicle that allows you to increase your income on demand, if you are not in financial captivity.

against to take advantage of – Through strategic relationships you can generate continuous income. The Internet, specifically social media, has dramatically changed business in recent years.

d Lifestyle – it’s about living where you want and doing the things you enjoy when you want. Most people don’t have the lifestyle they want.

ME. Technology – You only need a phone and the Internet to do business today. Smart people take advantage of today’s technology to automate their business.

F. Pay attention! – Home-based businesses are entitled to substantial tax deductions. The US tax code offers 157 statutory tax deductions to a home business. If you are the average W-2 earner, you only get 3.

What are you waiting for?

Just do it!

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