New dating trend: pheromones

The usual dating trends implemented by single men and women to meet singles have been around for quite some time. These trends can take the form of online dating through online dating websites, mobile phone dating through smartphone apps and features, and conventional offline dating by searching for someone interesting through interests. common and mutual friends. In this sense, various research studies have been carried out on these aforementioned trends. Due to the multitude of research studies, interpretations of the findings have apparently become repetitive, leaving the market for this research saturated.

To prevent this so-called saturation from occurring, the owners of dating research have come up with another innovation that could give the dating world another meaning. Martha McClintock, founder of the University of Chicago Institute of Mind and Biology, and her colleagues have come up with another way for single men and single girls to meet each other: by introducing Pheromone Dating.

Pheromone dating is based on the idea that pheromone, a hormone secreted by humans, facilitates attraction. The conception of the attractiveness of a certain pheromone varies from one human to another, so its interpretation is very subjective. What one individual considers attractive may not be so attractive to another individual. It can be considered synonymous with the conception of a single man in the physical aspect of a single girl in a way that the perception of this is also varied.

Judith Pray was one of those who decided to put pheromone dating to the test. He invited 40 friends to a party in New York and put the plan into action. The idea of ​​”pheromone dating” or “pheromone parties” revolves around the concept of basically smelling the used clothing of various individuals. Whenever a guy or girl decides that the fabric they smelled was really nice, a picture of the person is displayed along with the shirt, and the owner of the shirt can decide if they really want to go and meet the person who found their pheromones pleasant to smell.

The end result of the event was that only a few people decided to come meet their pheromone fan, as they were shy to learn that someone smelled one of their used clothes.

In a study by McClintock and colleagues, participants were asked to sniff inside a covered box without being given information that these boxes contained work shirts. The reason for this is that participants would not submit so willingly if they found out that they are supposed to smell a garment worn by a stranger.

The finding was that people had a preference over the smells of people who had a different genetic makeup than their own. One interpretation of this is that people can be made to think this way from conception; They may be attracted to people with the same interests as themselves, yet they are still attracted to their opposite halves.

One lesson people can learn from this new dating trend is that whatever the innovation, the findings can remain the same. Pheromone dating is a new dating trend, indeed. However, it only validates the theory that opposites attract in dating, and this is a reminder that single men and single girls should remember.

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