Nintendo Wii review

Nintendo remains a video game favorite, although a comprehensive review of the Wii, along with competing game consoles, shows that the Wii may not have some of the same capabilities as the others.

The Wii appears to be a bit unique in that the leadership position is maintained, not through engineering modifications such as increased energy efficiency or component upgrades, but the emphasis seems to get the user moving. It still remains perhaps the most interactive video game, and with hundreds of titles, it is easy to develop a community of real gamers who actually move rather than remain static. The Wii easily contributes to better health benefits.

One of the most popular Wii games is the Wii Sports bundle, which has become a bestseller. Perhaps the standout feature that makes the Wii more enjoyable is that players are actually physically involved and execute movements using their arms, legs, or other muscles.

When other options are included with other game controllers, the Wii can be in a league of its own.

Although it may not include the same audio and video capabilities of other games, it is not really necessary to enjoy the gaming experience, as players now become part of the experience. There are dozens of controller-specific game options ranging from boxing to fencing to bowling, where movements and actions are simulated wirelessly.

Wii offers the opportunity to stay fit, rather than sedentary, while playing video games. Professional athletes use the Wii Fit Balance Board to condition their leg muscles, and it can be used for fun while exercising.

This Wii review demonstrates that there may still be some improvements that can be expected with future releases. The current version may not have the same power as competitors in the same class, but working with the remote makes the experience comfortable and exhausting.

There are additional parts that can be used to enhance the experience. They include WiiConnect24, which is an online service that includes several unique Wii channels, where participants can play online.

Players can be matched by skill levels, region, language, or age groups. However, in an interactive group setting, the ability to communicate verbally or with visual video or chat connections can be lost.

The Wii uses 802.11 wireless protocols for interactive games, but the multimedia capability is not one of the strongest features. One of the strongest features is the remote capability that allows remote access with the Nintendo DS console.

This Wii review also demonstrates full compatibility with other Nintendo consoles, and the DS can also be used as a controller for Wii.

Full support is available by email or phone, as well as online chat. There is also an FAQ section on the website that contains a knowledge base of most issues, in case something goes wrong.

Nintendo Wii ships with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty, but an extended 90-day option is also available to keep players active for a long time.

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