Pay Per Click (PPC) Vs Pay Per Sale (PPS) Vs Revenue Share (REVS) – The Cold And Hard Stats

Since the dawn of affiliate marketing, webmasters were given a choice: PPC, PPS, Rev. Share (and even PPI¹). Now we webmasters (adult site or not) seek the gold option, based on statistics or mere trial and error. Here are the hard and cold stats, so you don’t have to go through trial and error.

First, a quick review of each type of affiliate service:

Pay per click it’s a flat fee (often ranging from $ 0.01 to $ 0.03) of money per click for each unique visitor.

Pay per sale It is a fixed amount of money for each purchase made when a visitor buys from that affiliate. This price varies greatly by affiliate, however an example amount is $ 25.00.

Revenue share is a recurring amount of money for affiliates offering memberships. When a visitor to your site initiates this membership, you receive a monthly percentage of their payments until their membership ends. This price varies greatly by affiliate, however an example amount is $ 20.00.

An experiment was conducted involving 1719 unique visitors and each affiliate program was taken into account. Over a controlled period of time, PPC raised $ 51.57, PPS raised $ 75.00, and REVS raised a whopping $ 269.55.

The choice of gold? Revenue share. This is because people who sign up for memberships stay an average of 6 months, and with a recurring money rate not far below a sale, you will consistently make more money than PPC and PPS.

¹PPI: Pay per impression; This type of affiliate service was excluded from the article and experiment due to its unpopularity with affiliates today.

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