PhoneGap Application Development Services Improve Customer Experience Management

Do you know that for every 26 dissatisfied customers, 1 complains? What happens with the rest. They simply leave the business or the service provider. And in the digital world, it starts with abandoning the business application. With just one tap, the app slips into the recycle bin and the business opportunity for a competitor.

Today, it is not only essential for businesses to reach their target customers, but also to provide them with the best customer experience (CX) while doing so. They need to take the customer first approach. In order to make it happen, streamline their business operations, and enable their people to continue to respond to consumer needs, entrepreneurs are turning to mobile apps. The overwhelming impact of the mobility solution is no longer hidden. The top 25% of small and midsize businesses admit to doubling revenue by adopting the right solution. And citing the craze of users to interact with their brands through mobile phones, it should come as no surprise.

Creating a mobile app is not a difficult task as there is no limit to the availability of the number of frameworks and app development companies in the world. However, if you plan to go the extra mile in terms of customer experience, look for the right mobile app development company first. There is no applicable shortcut. You should review the quotes received, read between the lines of your terms and conditions, note the pros and cons of your previous projects, and do a lot of brainstorming. However, when signing an agreement with it, you must not forget to apply for a cross-platform application using the PhoneGap application development framework.

A PhoneGap app promises a consistent, native digital experience to users across all the devices they use. It puts the fundamental elements of web technologies, namely HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript at the disposal of a PhoneGap App Developer. It also has a rich repository of plugins needed to add platform-specific functionality to an application. Plugins allow an app to take advantage of device features such as accelerometer, camera, compass, file system, microphone and many more and add value to the app. As an open source development framework, available under Apache Cordova version 2.0, PhoneGap continues to receive advanced plugins and updates from its growing community members.

Aside from CX management, PhoneGap mobile app development incurs low development cost and requires low maintenance budget. An application developer does not need to create multiple APIs for different OS platforms. An application build, change, or security patch can be replicated/applied across everything quickly and easily by leveraging GitHub, a cloud-based source code management repository. Startups and small businesses can benefit greatly from this as they can control their growing TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) budget and interestingly enough without compromising their market reach and quality of customer experience. An app powered by PhoneGap shows compatibility with all mobile operating systems, from iOS to Android to Windows Phone and more.

Therefore, opting for the PhoneGap application development framework means keeping open the doors of scalability and flexibility, which is essential to meet the emerging needs of a company.

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