Second Chance apartments in San Diego for people with broken leases, bad credit or serious crimes

San Diego is a major California attraction and destination with thousands of unique visitors each year. These are drawn to the city by the pleasant climate and picturesque flowing beaches. The city is also a major commercial and transit center that links Mexico with the rest of California and the United States with billions of dollars in trade each year. The city also attracts many settlers; people who move here in search of business, career and academic opportunities. This places a definite demand on the many apartments in the city. Renting an apartment unit in San Diego is more or less like renting anywhere else in any major city in the US Apartments perform background checks that focus on the applicant’s credit, rental, and criminal history. Of particular importance are the broken leases that apartments in San Diego consider very serious. Applicants who have broken a prior agreement with a previous apartment will likely receive an automatic denial.

Places to rent with a broken lease and bad credit

Apartments that approve applicants who have had previous problems with other apartments elsewhere are generally known as second-chance apartments. These are units that may or may not be located in section 8 areas of the city and are generally willing to lease to troubled tenants. Here are some places where you can rent an apartment if you have rental problems:

  • Allied gardens
  • High view
  • Pacific Highlands Ranch
  • Bay terrace
  • Black Mountain Ranch
  • Downtown San Diego
  • Clairemont Table
  • Sea heights

The above is not an exhaustive list. There are many more units that can give applicants a second chance despite a clouded track record. The challenge is being able to locate them because most of them are not easily advertised.

Important information to consider

Although there are these types of apartments willing to grant approval to troubled tenants, these apartments will nonetheless require those tenants to meet some basic requirements. One of them has a job of at least six months. Some apartments will require a hefty deposit based on the individual leasing office. Others will ask for three months’ rent in addition to the deposit. You must also earn at least three times the amount of the rent.

Finding apartments of this type in this part of California can be challenging because, as we said, they are rarely advertised. The main reason they prefer to keep quiet is because they don’t want a mad rush, especially from people with bad credit, as this drives down rental prices.

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