SEO: Understand how Google Panda works

Google Panda is the software that Google uses to index different website pages, which can be accessed through the Internet. This innovative software was launched in February 2011. After its launch, the rankings of many websites suffered. A survey by US-based media company CNET found that social media and news sites saw a huge improvement in their rankings once Google Panda was launched. On the other hand, the survey conducted by CNET also found that those sites, which included a large amount of advertising, experienced a large decrease in their ranking.

To make sure your website ranks highly in Google, you need to understand that Panda, Google’s indexing software, works. When you have a fair understanding of Panda features, it will be easier for you to develop SEO strategies that you like.

The 4 most important functions of Google Panda are the following:

1. Scan websites – Scans the content of millions of websites on the Internet for relevant keywords. Based on keywords, categorize sites so they can show up in relevant search results. For example, if the content of a site deals with the buying and selling of products, it will be classified under e-commerce and will be displayed every time an Internet user searches for information about the purchase of products sold by that particular site.

2. Index web pages – After scanning the sites and searching for relevant keywords, Google Panda indexes the sites based on the quality of their content. If the content is unique and error free, it will index the site on a regular basis. Also, when web pages have different content from each other, they will be indexed individually, making the site more popular and improving its ranking.

3. Consult links – the software then checks the links provided on the site. Follow the links to make sure they have information relevant to the site and its keywords. It also checks whether the linked websites are active or not. If the links are in good condition and contain relevant information, they help the site to be indexed more frequently by Google Panda.

4. Measure popularity – It also measures the popularity of the site by checking various social media sites to see if the site has appeared there. Sites that appear frequently on social media rank higher on Google.

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