Seven secrets of wealth creation

1) Add value. What this means is working harder, working smarter and working longer hours. You need to make your product or service more valuable.

2) Buy things that make money (mutual funds, stocks, bonds, investment properties, small businesses, etc.). You must invest at least 10% of your income.

Remember that you probably want to buy investments after the masses have sold. Then sell when a bubble develops. Also, you can buy stocks of excellent companies during a recession or when temporary problems arise for a particular company. If you think a company’s new CEO can turn the tide of a flooded company, you might want to buy some stock. Due diligence is a must.

3) Activate the laws of attraction and belief. Think about what you want. Never think about what you don’t want. Your mind is like a magnet. Your mind attracts what it focuses on. Believe and act like you are a budding success.

4) Find a career in a field you like. Go to college if you have to, but get a job you enjoy. You will acquire more than money if you do. Brian Tracy always says that once you find a job you really love, you won’t work another day in your life.

5) Turn your car into a university on wheels. Remember, a book, audiobook, or radio show idea can make you a millionaire. You can find affordable audio programs and you can also rent audio programs. There are also some good financial shows on terrestrial radio. Learn how to do something like run a business or become a better salesperson.

6) Find a good mentor, advisers and form a mastermind alliance. A good mentor is like a map and compass in unknown territory. Unless you are an expert in everything, you need competent advisers, such as a CPA, an attorney, and a financial planner. A good mastermind will cover your blind spots and keep you focused and motivated.

7) Set your main goal and a specific written plan to achieve your goal. Don’t change your primary target, it’s harder to hit a moving target. Make sure your main goal is realistic. Act every day on your main goal and be persistent!

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