Sheffield Rentals – Sheffield student accommodation Special Reminders on Traffic Safety

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As thousands of students move into their Sheffield rentals for the first time, we’d like to give a few special reminders to ensure your safety. Especially for those living in Endcliffe and City Sheffield student accommodation please be aware that there will be a lot of traffic around the area and parking on-site is limited. Please be patient, and drive safely.

My favourite aspect of living in Endcliffe Village is the location and how modern it is. It’s only about a 25 minute walk to the university and there are lots of restaurants and shops nearby as well as the Edge opposite which has cheap food, drink and free activities and classes. It’s a great place to socialise and make friends. It also feels safe and family friendly.

At Sheffield Student Accommodation, the well-being and safety of our residents are of paramount importance to us. With the start of the new academic year, we want to remind you about the essential traffic safety guidelines to ensure your safety while navigating the roads in and around the accommodation premises.

Sheffield Rentals – Sheffield student accommodation Special Reminders on Traffic Safety

Pedestrian Safety: As a pedestrian, always use designated crosswalks or pedestrian crossings when crossing the road. Avoid distractions like texting or listening to music while crossing the road, as it can impair your judgment and awareness of oncoming traffic. Cycling Safety: If you choose to cycle, wear a helmet and reflective clothing to increase your visibility to drivers. Follow the rules of the road, obey traffic signals, and use designated cycling lanes whenever available. Be cautious of parked cars, opening doors, and pedestrians.

Driving Safety: For residents Sheffield student accommodation who own vehicles, remember to follow all traffic rules, including speed limits and parking regulations. Always wear your seatbelt, and never use your phone while driving. Be mindful of pedestrians and cyclists sharing the road with you. Nighttime Safety: When walking or cycling at night, ensure you wear reflective clothing and carry a flashlight. Use well-lit paths and roads, and remain vigilant of your surroundings. If possible, travel in groups for added safety.

Public Transportation: If you utilize public transportation, be aware of the designated boarding and alighting areas. Follow the instructions of the transport staff and be mindful of other commuters. Distracted Walking: Avoid using mobile devices while walking near roads or crossing streets. Texting or browsing your phone diverts your attention and increases the risk of accidents. Keep your focus on the road and surroundings.

Well-being is crucial for students’ success and happiness during their academic journey. Quality student accommodation prioritizes students’ mental and physical well-being by offering essential amenities such as gyms, recreational areas, and green spaces. These facilities promote a healthy lifestyle, allowing students to engage in physical activities and relax in natural surroundings, reducing stress levels and improving overall well-being.

Emergency Contacts: Always have emergency contact numbers saved on your phone. In case of any accidents or emergencies, promptly reach out to the relevant authorities or our accommodation office for assistance. Remember, your safety is a shared responsibility. Please take these reminders seriously and share them with your fellow residents. Let’s work together to ensure a safe and secure environment for everyone at Sheffield Student Accommodation.

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