Success in Business Using the Bible as a Roadmap

Many people view business as a secular activity, especially if it doesn’t involve ministry. However, adopting the business principles presented in the Holy Bible can help any business prosper in today’s global marketplace.

In Oklahoma, a long-distance service provider’s mission statement was taken from the Bible. Many scriptures found in the Bible discuss how businessmen should govern themselves and their companies. Most organizations probably use some biblical guidelines, but don’t really understand how to maximize their effectiveness by keeping the physical and spiritual parts of their business plan in alignment so they can get the best possible results.

Scripture Business Management Skills.

I would like to share some ideas taken from the Bible that every entrepreneur can use to succeed and prosper as the Lord intended. First of all, you must recognize that the Earth belongs to the Lord and everything on it belongs to him, to paraphrase a scripture. We are stewards, managers, and caretakers of God’s possessions, so becoming a good steward of your car lot, cleaning service, or whatever has been entrusted to you must be important to you.

The New Testament records a parable (Luke 16) that Jesus told about a businessman who had been accused of abusing his master’s property. If he is not familiar with the story, he should read it some day and extract some of the additional spiritual insights. The manager in the story found out that he was going to be fired and called some of his biggest clients and started deducting the amounts they owed on his accounts, hoping to create future opportunities for him. The owner was told about this practice and called the manager and praised him for being smart.

We can learn from this dishonest and cunning man, if we look a little deeper into the situation. What he tried to do at the end of his employment is something he should have been doing all along, helping his clients. When I worked as a salesperson, for yellow pages advertising, I always offered my skills, in designing effective ads, to my clients, whether they were preparing flyers or advertisements for other print media, because I cared about the success of their business and not simply selling them advertising.

Customer service that gives and receives (The Rebecca Principle)

The Bible can also be used as a resource for building stronger relationships with vendors and customers. Are you familiar with the story of Rebecca, found in the Old Testament book of Genesis? A rich man sent his chief servant, bringing all kinds of gifts, to find a wife for his son. One day, as night approached, the servant stopped his caravan at a well on the outskirts of a village. A young woman came to the well and he asked her for a drink of water.

After giving her a drink, she replied, “I will also draw water for your camels.” When she finished, he took out silver and gold jewelry and clothing and gave it to Rebekah and her family, then asked her to accompany him back to meet Abraham, the Hebrew patriarch, his teacher, who had sent him on his way. journey to find a wife for his son Isaac.

One of the spiritual nuggets that can be discerned from this story centers on how this young woman provided more service than expected and unknowingly opened such a door of opportunity that her entire family was blessed and thousands of years later, her story is still counted. . Every entrepreneur knows that providing reliable customer service makes good business sense, but how many recognize that by giving to others, they are sowing seeds, and those seeds will yield a far greater harvest of fruit than the few seeds that were planted?

Marketing and management according to the gospels

The long distance provider mentioned above was based on the biblical principle of “Seek first the kingdom of God”. They believe that “seeking the Kingdom” means spreading and living the Gospel. So they return 10 percent of their gross income to the ministries that have supported them. Over the years, they have donated millions to feed the hungry and help ministries that are doing God’s will.

The company, owned by more than 800 Christian shareholders, has grown from an idea to an organization whose gross income exceeds $100 million a year. The real challenge for every business owner is to recognize that, like any other aspect of life, business has both a spiritual and physical component and that God’s Word is a guide for management, marketing, and ministries. even in the 21st century.

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