the beauty of the seasons

Spring, summer, autumn and winter: each season comes to us in each quarter of the year. They each have their own individual environment, but each share something in common. They carry a unique, sometimes hidden beauty about them. Have you ever noticed that despite the harshness or sadness of certain seasons, they always make the environment eye-catching? Well they do!

the beauty of spring

When the season of spring arrives, the first thing that comes is the melting of winter snow and ice, followed by torrential rain and dark overcast skies. Now you must be asking yourself, “What’s so beautiful about rain in spring?” or “The rain is annoying.” Well, the rain and dark clouds don’t seem very interesting, but the aftermath of that weather is what conveys the beauty. Every rain that ends, brings a beautiful rainbow: the flowers and trees started to sprout and bloom from their dormant states during the winter, which makes for a stunning setting.

the beauty of summer

Summer is the hottest season of the year and often the favorite season of many. It is the time when students do not attend school and when families usually spend the most fun holidays. Summer brings the clearest day and night skies of all four seasons. Trees and flowers are in full bloom during this season, attracting notable insects such as butterflies and fireflies. With this, these are the traits that give summer its beauty.

the beauty of autumn

This season is one of the most beautiful and unique of the four seasons, due to the changing leaves on the trees. The leaves change from green to many shades of color, such as orange, yellow, and red, and sometimes a mixed color in between. It signifies the end of summer and the coming winter seasons. The colors of the leaves paint an impressive and relaxing landscape in the environment. This is what makes Fall so popular.

the beauty of winter

Winter is the coldest of all seasons, and also the most majestic. Snow and ice cover the land and dormant trees, creating almost a new world. When the sun comes out during the day it makes the snow much brighter and more beautiful to look at, but at night the snow is just as beautiful, if not more so. When the moon rises, and its light reflects off the snow and ice, it makes them sparkle almost like diamonds, creating a serene landscape.

Isn’t it amazing how nature works in this world? The next time you’re out for a walk during one of these seasons, take a little time to admire its beauty.

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