The Maruti Swift Review

With its sleek styling, the Swift was destined to be a hit. This hatch looks surprisingly attractive from the front, side and rear profiles alike. The Swift has a low planted stance and is very well proportioned. However, our reviewers insist that it’s not all about looks. Swift owners are incredibly satisfied; they consider the hatch to be a value-for-money package. Build quality feels more solid than we’ve come to expect from Maruti, but it has a fair amount of rattle and shoddy fit quality. Some panel spaces are too inconsistent. Most reports indicated that front-end comfort is fantastic, but interiors offer less-than-average space in the rear.

Again, trunk space is limited and the smallest in this segment. The contemporary design continues from the outside to the inside. The 3-spoke steering, dash, and electronic HVAC controls received praise from our ownership reports. The ergonomics are A+ and the driver has a fantastic seating position. However, black interiors and small windows can create a claustrophobic environment. The front seats are generous in size and offer excellent support. Maruti sells the top variant with dual airbags, ABS brakes, audio system with steering-mounted controls, climate control, rear window washer and wiper, keyless entry, and alloy wheels. Air bags are conspicuous by their absence in the top-of-the-range diesel variant.

The Ritz’s fantastic 1.2 liter K-series petrol engine made its way to the Swift in March 2010. This unit is rated at 84 BHP (@ 6000 rpm), 113 NM of torque (@ 4500 rpm) and is one of the best from Suzuki. gasoline engines yet. The engine is a true off-roader offering great refinement, decent city handling and thoroughly contemporary technology. Owners say that at idle, it’s hard to tell if the engine is running. The 1.2 is quite happy with the revs (although progress is slow and noise levels are high after 5000 odd rpm).

Owners report that this engine boasts a tractable and supple nature; you are at home wandering around the city or stretching your legs on the road. Gear shift quality is also smooth and confident. Diesel power comes in the form of a fantastic Fiat 1.3 liter 74 BHP (@ 4,000 rpm) / 190 Nm of torque (@ 2,000 rpm) engine, which is fast and fuel efficient. The torque delivery is addictive and makes the diesel Swift more fun to drive than the gas! Owners report that the initial turbo-lag is their Achilles’ heel, but one can get used to driving around it. The midrange is punchy and makes highway driving fun. Fuel efficiency is consistently high in all driving conditions.

Our reviewers were particularly pleased with the short throw shifter. The Swift’s ride quality is a bit stiff, and this is especially prominent at lower speeds or on rough roads. Owners were quick to add that ride comfort improves with speed and is compliant enough on most urban roads. Maruti softened the suspension a bit in 2010, which made the new Swift ride better than the old (although the firm edge still remains). The Swift received praise for its precise handling that proudly displays the fine balance of the chassis. Body roll is well controlled. High-speed stability also inspires confidence, while the electronic power steering is direct, though lacking in feel at high speeds. Pulling the Swift in and out of corners is a very enjoyable experience. Of special mention are the brakes that the owners took very seriously.

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