Thinking of homeschooling? teachers are

One might be surprised to learn that the largest influx into the homeschool field today are professional teachers. The reasons they give are very interesting.

  • In the 1960s, teachers had more of a say in what went on in their classrooms. However, the government has more control these days. It is important to know that the Vietnam War taught us that the war cannot be won from the White House. Likewise, the teacher, who is in the trench (metaphorically speaking) knows what her children need. Unlike the bureaucracy, Ella sees them as human beings and not as statistics. Heck, school lunches were even better in the ’60s.
  • Teachers rightly complain that they must now teach their children to pass government-mandated tests that force them to sacrifice teaching the basics.
  • Class sizes have become so large that children are being taught to act like robots rather than individuals. Teachers are forced to teach as one size fits all… they are less able to individualize their curriculum.
  • Recess and play time are getting shorter. Many teachers complain that this creates stress and forces little ones to fit into unhealthy and unnatural molds.

Teachers take a beating when they are blamed for the growing decline in the US public school system, and few people listen to “those in the trenches.” It is more likely that the government bureaucracy is to blame. Is it any wonder so many teachers choose to homeschool their own families?

Most homeschool students outperform public school children on college entrance exams. Obviously, most parents are doing something right, whether or not they have teaching credentials.

Are there any sad stories about children who are not getting a proper education at their school of origin? The answer is yes, but more such stories are found in the public school system. Government intervention is not a solution. The awareness and involvement of parents (“those in the trenches”) is the solution. That is the case whether one has children in home school or in the public school systems.

This is not said to put an impossible burden or even place blame on the parents. I say this to empower parents. The solution to education today comes remarkably from you, the people.

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