Travis Bradberry’s Squawk: A Review of a Leadership Fable

Are you a seagull manager? Do you jump in when problems arise, yelling and giving advice, only to take off and let others clean up the mess? Do you know a seagull manager? In “Squawk!” Travis Bradberry, Ph.D., reveals the three virtues that will help readers deal with seagull managers in the workplace and, more importantly, avoid becoming seagull managers themselves.

“Squawk!” it is described as “A little fable about how a seagull manager learned the three virtues of great leadership”, and that is exactly what it is. It’s a very quick read, which reminds me of books like “Who Moved My Cheese” and “The Present”. It is a short story about Charlie, a seagull who has trouble managing his flock. Through the guidance of a wise old sea turtle, a mother sea otter, a dolphin, and a border collie, Charlie learns some valuable leadership lessons.

The short fable is cute, and I even found myself smiling at a couple of “poop” jokes. How many business books have you read with the “precision guided poop” line in the text? More importantly, I analyzed the lessons that Bradberry included in the history of my experience in business administration and law. His three lessons on Comprehensive Expectations, Clicking Communication, and Performance Legs are really important and this was a smart way to get the message across. Following the story, Bradberry includes a couple of short summary chapters on these three virtues of top managers to help the reader understand them and hopefully implement them in their own situations.

I was glad to get an advanced reader edition of “Squawk!” by Travis Bradberry and is a book that I recommend to anyone who enjoys simple stories with powerful management messages. It won’t take long to read, but if you apply the lessons, you’ll be so glad you did. Read “Squawk!” to eliminate the management of seagulls.

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