Use Valentine’s Day to reflect on how you bring love to the world

Happy Valentines Day! What started out as a day to express your love to another person has become a hyped up and highly commercialized occasion. You can’t go anywhere without seeing red or pink hearts, roses, teddy bears, and boxes of chocolates. It leaves some of us wanting more, others feeling left out or alone, and some just plain upset. For me the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčloving another is very important and a big part of life. I would go on to say that loving yourself is just as important. The best part of love doesn’t need to “break the bank” or make us go broke. As human beings, we are often better at loving others and even our pets than we are at showing love to ourselves.

Many of us believe that self-love or self-care is good, therefore ignoring ourselves or attending to the needs of others first. A sense of self-worth and well-being is the foundation for a meaningful and productive life. That means we need to take care of ourselves, believe our time is valuable, and sometimes pat ourselves on the back. Doing for others is wonderful and putting others first are two great things to do. However, it should not be at the cost of your own needs. It is not selfish or petty to claim time for yourself. We need to block out the “Generation Me” image and focus on the meaningful self and in order to really have a meaningful life and self worth relationships.

Today, on this day of love or do it every day, send yourself a Valentine’s Card or a Love Card for yourself. Reflecting on how you bring love to the world and to others will give you a feeling of fulfillment and nourishment.

Read the following “card” aloud and fill in the blanks.

Poor me,

Today I am celebrating being me!

I make other people happy by ______________.

I make myself happy because of _______________.

I am thankful for _______________ and __________.

I bring love and kindness to the world by ________________________.

I offer ________________________________ to my friends and family.

I take care of myself because of __________________________.

I make time for myself and what is most important to me to be there for others and share my love.

Happy Valentines Day! When you’re not reading this on Valentine’s Day, just change the ending to Happy Day. You can never reflect too much on what makes us happy and how we spread our love to our friends and family.

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