What you should know before traveling to Amsterdam

Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, is one of the friendliest cities in the world. The Dutch city, known for its canals, is home to the oldest stock exchange in the world. You should know a few things before visiting Amsterdam.

bicycle culture center

The Dutch capital is one of the most bike-friendly cities in the world and is the center of cycling culture. Bicycles account for nearly 50% of the city’s traffic and are the easiest way to get around. There are several places here where you can rent a bike. Due to its convenience, many people use bicycles to travel. The city has good facilities for cyclists with dedicated bike lanes and racks.

numerous channels

Amsterdam has more than 150 canals that have become a part of the lives of its residents. During your trip, take a stroll along the canals and discover the beautiful architecture and houseboats that surround them. A boat ride through the canals is truly a fascinating experience.

English is the main language.

Almost everyone speaks English here. The Dutch can speak many languages ​​and English is one of them. Most people will reply to you in English. This makes communication very easy. Language is an issue when visitors travel abroad. However, it is not a problem when you visit Amsterdam.

great shopping destination

If you love shopping, Amsterdam is your place. Leidestraat and Kaizerstraat are two of the main shopping streets in the city. Magna Plaza on Spuistraat is an upscale shopping center here. Albert Cuyp Market is the number one street market in the city. Albert Cuyp Market fascinates everyone and you will find everything from fashion clothes to food at this street market.

infinite number of restaurants

Like most world capitals, Amsterdam is full of world-class restaurants. These restaurants serve all kinds of cuisines. The city is also known for its chain of fast food drive-in restaurants, Febo. You can buy fries, hamburgers and drinks at these automated restaurants.

Full of brown coffees

Brown cafes are traditional Dutch bars, which have become an essential part of the city’s culture. They get their name from the dark wood interiors and the nicotine-stained ceilings and walls. As well as serving local drinks, these cafes also offer light meals and snacks.

Numerous world-class museums

Amsterdam is full of world class museums. Van Gogh Museum, Rijksmuseum, Anne Frank House, etc. They are some of the best museums in the city.

There are many luxury hotels in Amsterdam that offer first class accommodation facilities. Book your room and enjoy the eternal beauty of this wonderful city.

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