When leaders lack common sense, we witness their flaws!

One of the main reasons, we attest, such a dearth of genuine leadership is probably too few people, who are either chosen, selected and / or promoted to leadership positions, who are ready, willing, and / or capable. proceed, with real common sense! After more than four decades of participation in almost everything related to quality leadership, since. identify and train, train and develop, thousands of actual and / or potential leaders, as well as serve, personally, as a leader (I think it’s a good one!), on several occasions, I have come to I firmly believe, Common sense is the rarest of human qualities! It should be the responsibility of all committed constituencies to witness, observe and understand that all have DEFECTS, and these become, more obvious, if / when, there is, too, little, common sense, used! With that in mind, this article will briefly attempt to consider, examine, review and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what this means and represents, and why it is important.

1. Face the facts; future; fruition: Since we all have flaws (since we are human), it is imperative, for a quality leader, to face the facts and address their personal weaknesses, proactively! Only they, these people, will lead the group, forward, towards the best, possible, future and strategically, proceed, to perceive and conceive, create, develop and instill the best action plans, well conceived, and maintain discipline and commitment, to achieve results, to fruition!

two. Hear; learn; principal: One of the behaviors most need to proactively admit and address is the tendency to speak, rather than listen and learn effectively from every conversation and experience. Isn’t that the real essence of leading effectively?

3. Attitude; fitness; attention; articulate: Negativity often destroys groups! Therefore, they should look for people who possess a true, positive, can-do attitude, and align it with a relevant aptitude and skill set. When this happens, one is more likely to pay close attention to the most important factors, rather than the insignificant ones, and consistently articulate a compelling and unifying message!

Four. Waste (time, money, energy); worth it: Rather than following unfounded theories, etc., which tend to waste time, money, energy, and opportunities, the signal of quality leadership is to proactively emphasize relevant and valuable paths.

5. Systems; solutions; Service; stronger: If more sensible actions were focused, we would witness better systems developed and used, that focus on relevant and sustainable solutions, that provide a true service, that would strengthen the organization and stakeholders, etc.

If we want organizations to be better and more relevant, we need leaders who are ready, willing and able to identify and admit their DEFECTS (as well as the group), and create the best path, go ahead! Are you ready for these assignments and the Associate Degree in Objective Introspection?

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