Will Yasiel Puig be able to overcome his questionable past?

Los Angeles Dodgers star young outfielder Yasiel Puig is undoubtedly one of the most exciting baseball prospects emerging in MLB right now, but his constant antics and shady past may greatly hinder his potential success. on the sport. While many people know about his Cuban origin, what recently came to light is a terrifying story of a daring escape and defection from his home country. With several questionable characters involved in helping Puig reach the glorious diamonds of American baseball, the young slugger may soon have a lot more to worry about than opposing pitches and perfecting his odd baserunning habits.

The practice of Cuban players defecting to play in the MLB is not new, but it is usually a process that occurs behind closed doors and rarely reaches the eyes of casual fans. A smuggler basically brings a talented player out of the country in exchange for a large chunk of future earnings. Several people usually help along the way. The reason we now learn of Puig’s particular experience is because one of the men involved in bringing him here was not paid his expected share of the profits. Angry and desperate, he turned to the popular media to try to get the money from him.

Puig’s camp has been very professional in handling the situation; without revealing any information and simply stating that Puig wants to work hard and win games for the Dodgers. But beyond all the official PC jokes, Puig seems to be a character destined for constant controversy throughout his career. He has been arrested for reckless driving and punished by the team for being late for a game. He has had several altercations and problems with his teammates. On the field, for every power home run or sensational pitch from right field, there’s a corresponding mistake that leaves everyone scratching their heads. In short, Yasiel Puig is a loose cannon and, for all his physical ability, he may not have the intelligence and maturity to handle life in the big leagues.

Perhaps his treacherous trip to the United States taught him that little things like being on time are not that important. But unfortunately, he is now becoming such an scrutinized figure that any mistakes will be scrutinized in depth by the press. Such is life around famous superstar athletes. Hopefully Puig is a person who can find strength in his difficult past and use it to become a stronger person. He is young, but there is certainly incredible talent in this budding star.

What worries me about Puig, though, is that he’s only been with the Los Angeles Dodgers for about a year, and his story already seems like something out of a Hollywood script. Whats Next? Are we going to find out that she is actually older than she says? Is there a future steroid scandal on the horizon? Baseball is a controversial game, and sadly, Puig comes across as exactly the kind of person who can be at the center of such a scandal. Clearly, this guy is a risk taker and has no problem standing up to authority. But I guess all we can do is watch and enjoy his tremendous ability in the meantime. Sure, Puig could become a major source of trouble in the next few years of his career, but until that day comes, let’s just sit back and see what wonders he can do for the Dodgers.

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