Self-plagiarism: an oxymoron or ethical violation Seemingly out of nowhere, a new moral dictum has emerged calling outrage and fraud for those who hack and dice their writing, resubmit articles to many sources, or forget to reference older publications in recent works. Known as “self-plagiarism” or “recycling fraud,” modern authors who engage in such cheapness can find themselves the victims […]

easy kitchen makeover ideas

The first step in looking for kitchen renovation ideas is to determine exactly what you want to achieve. Will you want to replace appliances? What about the sink and countertops? Would you like an island in your kitchen? Do you have space in your kitchen for an island? Once you have an idea of ​​how far you want to go […]

Skoda Review: Luxury Sedan

The Skoda company came to India, when the Japanese car companies had already established themselves themselves. So he certainly had some competition and had to establish himself. skoda entered the Indian market with a petrol and diesel model of the Octavia. At that time as gasoline prices they weren’t that tall, I opted for the Octavia 2.0 MPFI, with a […]

Google traffic research tactics in affiliate marketing

We all know that commenting, and especially e-book and article writing, are among the absolute favorites among successful affiliate marketers, blogs bar none. Attracting visitors is one thing, but getting those visitors to actually convert is quite another exercise. The problem is that many newbies comment and post on sites and with publishers that are not yet indexed in Google. […]

Seven Deadly Signs of Poetry Scams

In America, poets are held in such low esteem that even the most honorable representative of Nigeria won’t bother ripping us off. Society tells us what Dermot Mulroney tells Julia Roberts in “My Best Friend’s Wedding”, that we are “The pus that infects the mucus that fouls the fungus that feeds on the scum of the pond.” However, even being […]

How to write an installment agreement

Let’s say you’ve been subject to an IRS tax audit and you’ve been assessed additional money. And let’s say you can’t pay the new tax bill. The IRS believes strongly in getting paid. If you can’t pay all at once, the IRS likes to “pay as you go.” That’s when installment agreements come into play. The IRS is authorized to […]

Breaking news: advertising is dead!

You do not agree? Ask your wife, husband, or significant other—in other words, the closest typical consumer—to answer the following 7 questions: Does seeing pop-up ads on your computer give you orgasmic pleasure? Yes or no? Does a mailbox full of junk mail make your palms itch and sweat with nervous anticipation? Yes or no? Do you suffer from outbursts […]

How much is Dodgers captain Joe Torre worth?

Undefeated at home, the Los Angeles Dodgers have improved to an impressive 17-8, a great start to the 2009 MLB campaign. The last two wins have been especially sweet. The Blue Crew prevailed by just one run in each, taking the wins in the late or extra innings. In order not to take anything away from the players, I see […]